Pratt & Larson – Artisanal Handcrafted Tiles

Handcrafted tiles, made by artisans in America for over 30 years

Pratt and Larson Ceramics was founded in 1982 by Michael Pratt and Reta Larson. Taking advantage of their precious time alone before the birth of their first daughter, the husband and wife team took a fortuitous trip to Mexico. They returned inspired by the rich tile culture of the country, founded Pratt and Larson Ceramics, and have been making gorgeous handcrafted tiles ever since.

blue and white handcrafted tiles

The company started in the basement of the couple’s Portland, OR home. Thirty years later, Pratt and Larson has expanded to over 80 employees working in a warehouse factory with massive custom kilns. Even at this great scale each tile is still handmade– a unique work of art.

Lively handcrafted tiles

Many tiles at the Pratt and Larson factory are glazed by hand, this delicate process imbues tiles with luminosity and life. Because the production line at Pratt and Larson is human, not mechanical, there is some flexibility and it’s possible to tweak the color scheme to fit your unique design style.

handcrafted tiles hand glazed motif seriesHand glazed tiles from the Motif series

Stunning designs influenced by the traditional Cuenca technique. Elegant raised lines create repeating shapes and forms. The Motif line consists of 8 unique 6″ x 6″ designs as well as 2″ x 2″ decos and corresponding accent borders. Motif is available in subtle monochromatic glazes, as well as in vibrant “colorfill” options using watercolor glazes. View the Motif catalog online.

handcrafted tiles mosaic series

Pratt and Larson offers dozens of Mosaic patterns and endless color combinations. At the request of customers and designers, the Mosaic series now has tighter and cleaner grout lines. The mosaic series handcrafted tiles range from 1″ to 3″ in size. The flexibility of handmade production shines in this series, any pattern can be ordered with a custom combination of colors. View the entire series in the Mosaic catalog.

Roman inspired Scraffito series

handcrafted tiles metallic rhythmic patterns

The Scaffito series translates an ancient Roman decorative technique into modern tile design. In the original technique, a design was scratched into a surface to reveal a contrasting color below. Using a system of underglazing, Pratt and Larson artfully recreates the effect. This series also employs traditional repeating geometric patterns. Available in 5 x 10 subway tile format or  8 x 8 square sizes.

handcrafted tiles glazed and textured field tilesPratt and Larson in blues and gray. Diamond pattern New Field Shapes (left). Subway tiles with an artist’s touch from the Textured Field tile series (right).

Handmade tile murals, add true art to residential and commercial installations.

custom handcrafted tiles hand glazed

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