Mosa Murals – Ceramic Wall Tile

Mosa Murals brings authentic ceramic character to walls

ceramic wall tilesCommercial installation of Change is white and beige

Mosa Murals is a unique and innovative ceramic wall tile that imparts individual character and signature to residential and commercial spaces. The essence of this collection is creating an authentic ceramic wall: a mural.  Mosa Murals is made up of three separate series: Blend, Lines and Change. Each series balances size, tone, color, and surface in order to create murals with individual character. Use a pre-selected or custom-grid.

Three Collections of Ceramic Wall Tile – each with precise balance of size, tone, color and surface

Mosa Murals in Brimstone Yellow

Blend:  the most colorful series in the Mosa Murals collection. Several neutral tones, whites, grays, and beiges– each with four gradations. As well as four shades each of blue, green, brown and yellow. In total: over thirty different tones and endless combinations.

Mosa Mural lines texture with earth brown

Lines uses the play of light, shadow, and movement to draw the eye into a surface. Asymmetric surfaces with relief and shadow create a sense of intrigue. Slanting lines and geometric structures harmonize with the grid to create a monochrome yet vivid ceramic surface.

Mosa Murals change texture glossy and flat

Change utilizes elements of chance to create a series where each tile is unique. A thick layer of glaze virtually drips from each tile. This emphasizes the ceramic truth of the material. A simple uniform pattern will draw out the subtle textures of the randomized glazing.

Mosa Murals Generator: Use pre-selected or custom patterns.

Mosa online Mural layout generator

Preview and design your own Mosa Murals designs online. Experiment with color, rhythm, and texture before exporting your pattern. Mosa’s design tools make it easy of plan, order, and execute high-quality ceramic wall tile design. Export the designs to rendering software and print them for mood boards, or to generate a technical drawing without hours of labor. The Mosa Murals Library contains a large selection of grids and patterns designed by the Mosa Design Team for inspiration. The design possibilities that the Mosa Murals Generator has to offer are endless.

Go deeper into Mosa Murals online at Or, download and view the collection brochure for patterns and design ideas.


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