Classic Wood Look Tiles – Florim Forest

Solid five color spectrum of classic wood look tiles

An Italian tile made in the USA. Florim Forest is a glazed porcelain body tile created with 40% recycled content. Porcelain is extremely durable and can be used in almost any application. Touchable textures of deeply grooved wood grains and knotholes, these classic wood look tiles are a flawless substitute in situations where natural woods quickly degrade. Five colors and two sizes (with available grip finish) provide a neutral ground for contemporary and traditional designs.

dark gray classic wood look tileAmazon | A darker finish enriched with brown and steely gray accents

Two plank sizes and coordinating trim tiles

Forest is available in 2 plank sizes (6” x 24” and 6” x 36”). The 6” x 24” size is also available in two different finishes (natural or grip). Also available, coordinating trim tiles are a 6”x12” Cove Base as well as Inside and Outside Corners.

light colored classic wood look tilesLiana | A light finish with a natural cream base, adding a touch of gray highlights

Complete light to dark five-color spectrum

Classic wood look tile paletteLiana | Mystic | Rain | Amazon | Black

High definition graphics technology creates the warm atmosphere of authentic natural wood. Forest features a balanced spectrum of five wood infused hues; ranging from delicate Liana (the lightest finish) to the dramatic Black (the darkest stain) with hints of ebony brown. In between are Mystic, Rain, and Amazon each richly detailed with rich color and texture. Overall this series of classic wood look tiles is incredibly versatile for changing décor schemes.

Wood look porcelain tiles are a durable upgrade to commercial designs

commercial classic wood look tilesOptions for a grip finish, combined with the natural durability of porcelain makes Forest a sound choice for commercial design

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