Contemporary Tile by Mosa

“Versa Tile” for Residential and Commercial, Interior and Exterior Spaces

With nearly 130 years’ experience in tile production, Mosa stands apart internationally for innovative products that are not only porcelain but are also made of glass and steel. With a deliberate and lasting commitment to sustainability, many of Mosa’s collections are Cradle to Cradle Silver certified.

Innovative systems organizing variation of color and texture guarantee surfaces with personality and substance

Mosa’s collections use smart and innovative systems– organizing variations of texture, tone, and finish to create stunning interior and exterior surfaces. Durable and aesthetic, Mosa is contemporary tile fitting for your residential and commercial projects.

Contemporary European tiles for residential and commercial projects

With its distinctive, high-quality and aesthetically pleasing tiles, Mosa contributes to the architectural designs of today and tomorrow. Innovation and design are their core values.

Mosa Brown and Beige tile in rectangular widthsBeige and Brown – Each color group is composed of four tones, in gradations from beige to brown, systematically increasing in intensity from very light to very dark shades.

green colorful wall tilesMosa Colors – Comprised of 50 colorful tiles this full spectrum collection enhances the personality of every space.

Mosa Global Collection in entry hall and restaurantGlobal Tile – An integral tile series, a rainbow of colors and a variety of textures and sizes. Economical and durable wall and floor tiles for large and small spaces.

black matte ceramic tilesMatt Collection – A unique powdermatt glaze gives these matte ceramic tiles a perfectly flat surface.

Mosa Murals in Brimstone YellowMurals – Three series – Blend, Line, and Change – very design-driven with balance or size, tone, color, and surface in mind. Create a striking feature wall with ease and affordability.

warm ochre modern neutral tilesScenes – Inspired by the natural grain and textures of soil, these 6″ square ceramic wall and floor tiles come in 8 color groupings.

solarium with oversized tilesSolids – A large format system of oversized ceramic tiles which balances variation with unity.

large format wall and floor tilesTerra Maestricht – A modular collection of large format wall and floor tiles ideal for commercial and residential projects.

Mosa Terra Tones dark gray floorTerra Tones – Porcelain tiles evoke the feeling of stone.

neutral narrow wall tilesMosa 10thirty – This collection of narrow wall tiles opens up a new horizon for interior design.

vibrant green versatile basic tilesMosa 15thirty – A collection of modular and versatile basic tiles drawn from 4 familiar Mosa collections.

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