Art of Board – Cool Recycled Tiles

Art of Board is an innovative company that creates bold tiles from recycled skateboards. Based in Laguna Beach, CA this company shifts skateboarding from counterculture to conscious movement.

Retired skateboards make gnarly tiles

cool recycled tile accent wall

Art of Board transforms destroyed and discarded skateboards into tiles that bring a playfully rebellious attitude to retail, hospitality, commercial, or residential spaces. Available in either true 7-ply skateboard deck or photorealistic ceramic tiles, each piece tells its own story.

cool recycled tilesCeramic skateboard tiles made from pre-consumer waste, printed with photorealistic skateboard imagery

Created with Earth friendly materials

By partnering with i Ride i Recycle, a non-profit dedicated to keeping broken skateboards and wood waste out of landfills, Art of Board is able to create sustainable tiles with a unique backstory. Inspired by the challenge of reusing his nephew’s old skateboards, Art of Board founder Rich Moorhead created picture frames, mirrors and tables before inventing the concept of skateboard tile.

art-of-board-camp-smile copyArt of Board, available from Rubble Tile, installed at Camp Smile Pediatric Dentistry in Excelsior, MN. View the entire installation on our blog.

Cool recycled tiles with a true wood or ceramic bodycool recycled tiles graphic skateboards squares

There are three skateboard tile options available from Art of Board. Original and square cut tiles are both cut from reclaimed skateboard decks, which literally means no two tiles are alike. Made from recycled pre-consumer waste, ceramic skate tiles are printed with Art of Board’s iconic graphic style.

Original and ceramic tiles come in a traditional 3″ x 6″ subway tile format.
Square cut tiles are 3 3/4″ on each side.

Bring authenticity and radical character to any design

cool recycled tile backsplashArt of Board skateboard tiles are a colorful counterpoint to neutral modern designs

Every gouge, scuff mark, and scratch etched into the surface chronicles the singular journey of each tile. Alive with texture, shape and color, these bespoke tiles can accent or contrast minimal and traditional designs, signify urban vitality, or create an informal setting within a commercial space.

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