Hand made ceramic tiles – Tempest Tileworks

Hand made ceramic tiles with antique style

hand made ceramic tiles farm muralCustom mural at Arga Culture in Minneapolis, MN

Tempest Tileworks produces hand made ceramic tiles that are inspired by antique etchings and patterns from around the world. With over 20 years of experience in the tile industry, Leigh Odell and Andy Morrison founded Tempest Tile works in 2006. Based in Portland, Oregon their company is devoted to green business practices and is always on the look out to use less energy and eliminate toxic processes. Recently they converted to an all water-based glazing process, eliminating hazardous lead from the factory floor.

Vintage garden images add a touch of whimsy to your design

hand made ceramic tiles antique etchings

Tempest Tileworks specializes in interpreting etchings from the 17th, 18th, an 19th century as hand made ceramic tile murals. Images are gathered and culled from European print folios and are transferred onto ceramic tile using a silkscreen process. Color is added later by hand. Create a custom tile mural with Tempest Tileworks.

Classic subway tiles with an antique twist!

hand made ceramic tiles brick subwayHerringbone patterned hand made subway tiles with terra cotta glaze, white tiles with silkscreened veggies

Hand made ceramic field tiles and trims are made the old fashioned way– hand rolled, hand cut, hand stacked, hand glazed, and hand painted.

Antique tapestries brought to life in hand made ceramic tiles

hand made ceramic tiles tapestry patternsLotus in goldenrod, Capri in burgundy, and Damask in red

Pastoral floral patterns evoke ornate tapestries. These handmade ceramic tiles pack a visual punch, with bold graphic forms and saturated glazes. Create an easy to clean tile tapestry backsplash in your next residential or commercial project.

hand made ceramic tiles daisy tapestryEastern Daisy in bright turqoise and dark black and gold

Tempest Tileworks is available exclusively at Rubble Tile in Minnesota | More handmade tiles

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