Jasba Circular Mosaic Tiles

The Loop collection is a modern update to retro penny round tiles. These timeless circular mosaic tiles offer endless options for creativity.

Colorful circular mosaic tiles

Circular mosaic tiles in light cool, relaxing hues, and deep dark colors

The Jasba Loop collection celebrates the revival of classic circular mosaic tiles. With 15 colors, non-slip finishes, and 2 classic diameters – Jasba Loop can be used in commercial and residential applications. Following the growing trend towards circular shapes in interior design, the Loop collection sets a new standard for contemporary creativity in floors, bathrooms and wall design.

white circular mosaic tilesGlossy Arctic White circular mosaic tiles wrap easily around curved surfaces

Jasba Loop featured in Lime Apartments at Lyndale and Lake in Minneapolis, MN. View the complete installation of Coral Red Loop tiles on our blog.

 15 glossy colors in 2 classic diameters

Based on the classic penny-round format, Jasba Loop comes in 1/2″ and 1″ diameters, as well as in a 1″ non-slip finish. Not every tile is the same color. The very slight variation in hue between tiles, when viewed en masse, has a subtle softening effect.

15 colors of circular mosaic tilesArctic White, Night Black, Light Ivory, Ivory. Light Diamond Grey, Diamond Grey, Denim, Light Aqua Blue. Aqua Blue, Steel Blue, Dark Violet, Sea Green. Coral Red, Lemon Yellow, Bronze Metallic.

circular mosaic tiles with inventive color combinationsJasba Loop in Metallic Bronze, Lemon Yellow, Aqua, and Dark Violet | Coral Red with white field tiles

The color palette of Loop is equally at home in peaceful areas, like the bathroom, and high contrast areas like an entry way or bar. Luminous glossy tiles can be brilliant and eye catching, or cool and unobtrusive.

Customizable concept

circular mosaic tiles with integrated signage mural

Like pixels on a screen, Loop tiles can seamlessly merge signage, directions, or pictograms with the wall. Decorative, functional, or both – the unique adaptability of Jasba Loop lends itself to contemporary commercial and residential design.


The complementary color palette makes creating the perfect gradient for your space easy. The standard Ocean gradient is available in 1/2″ and 1″ sizes, and custom gradients are available on request from the manufacturer.

Circles and squares create subtle surfaces

Circular Mosaic Tiles

The Loop collection includes several predesigned decorative mosaic murals and gradients, including monochromatic leaf mural and triangle designs. These subtle patterns are created by the variation in space between square and circular tiles. A random mix of square and loop tiles are also available.

More tiles by Jasba | View the entire Loop catalog

RZ_0027 Neuheiten_2013 LOOP EV.indd

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