AlysEdwards Suave Due – Luxury stone tiles

After the raging success of the Suave collection, AlysEdwards created this follow-up collection of luxury stone tiles.

Luxury stone tiles

alysedwards luxury stone tiles

AlysEdwards Suave Due is the encore to the impressive Suave collection. Like its predecessor, this series of luxury stone tiles includes a range of field tiles, patterns, decorative tiles, and carved stone tiles. These stone tiles mix familiar pattern with new finishes, creating a feast for the senses. With the unique character of natural stone, this collection will add depth and distinction to any design.

Stylish Chiave and Hexagonal tiles

elegant luxury stone tiles

These two-tone tile patterns for walls or floors pair complementary stone shade to create the effect Create a beautiful inlaid floor design with either of these elegant tile shapes. Scaled up to 12″, Suave Due Hexagon tiles are an opulent throwback to a classic format. Italian for key, Chiave (12 5/8″ x 15 3/4″) tiles look like a fairy-tale keyholes and wouldn’t be out of place in Cinderella’s castle.

3 colorways, 3 carved stone textures

carved luxury stone tilesTwill in Pantera, Gessato in Lynx, and Canapa in Volpe

The Suave Due collection has a palette of warm neutral stones. From creamy Lynx, to sandy Volpe, and dark Pantera. These sensuous colors will effortlessly fit into contemporary and classic interiors.

This series stands out with three unique carved stone textures. Twill looks just like its woven namesake, with parallel diagonal ridges. Gessato pinstripes are etched directly into the stone, creating a strong linear effect and powerfully directing the eye. The Canapa texture has the thick-thin contrast of classical Roman columns.

Field and floor tiles in many formats

luxury stone field tile

While the eye-catching  patterns, details and textures of Suave Due are enticing, don’t miss out on the fabulous smooth-finish field and floor tiles. Available in standard, contemporary, and large format tiles there is a stone for every style.

4″ x 4″ and 4″ x 16″ field tiles.
4″ x 16″ textured tiles.
16″ x 16″ and 16″ x 32″ large format tiles (16” x 32” tiles not available in Volpe).
And two liner options.

Elegant decorative luxury stone tiles

Decorative luxury stone tilesFreccia mosaic in Pantera, Flamma water cut mosaic, and curvaceous Turbine in calacatta and stainless steel

Take a look at the complete Suave Due catalog | More tiles by AlysEdwards

Suave Due catalog PDF

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