AlysEdwards – Mallorca

These Mediterranean glass tiles merge aesthetic traditions from European and Islamic cultures to create a collection of beautiful and worldly mosaic patterns.

Elegant tessellating glass tiles

Decorative Mediterranean glass tiles

The Mallorca collection from AlysEdwards takes its inspiration from the eponymous Mediterranean island, located midway between Spain and Algeria. Known for its beach resorts and sheltered coves, this paradisiacal island embodies the natural beauty and classical history of the region – which has been translated into a collection of glass mosaics inspired by traditional motifs. Offered in 7 unique patterns cut with water jet technology, the Mallorca collection is available in solid and blended color palettes from cool blues to earthy taupes.

Tropical beach hues and hypnotizing tessellations

All 8 colors of Mediterranean Glass TilesWhite Linen | Message in a Bottle | Sail | Fern | Cliff | Pelican | Sand | Mist

Glass is the perfect material for this collection. Transparent and luminous, it lends its watery body to tranquil blues and greens. Neutral grays and tans evoke white beaches and damp sand castles. The reflective nature of glass bounces light into the eye, creating deep colors and brighter spaces.

Tessellating Mediterranean glass tilesFour simple tessellating patterns.

Tessellating figures are complex shapes that snugly fit next to each other to form a solid surface with intricate texture. Artists from ancient Islam, Northern Africa, and around the Mediterranean have used this technique to create dazzling patterns for centuries.

Mediterranean glass tiles for residential and commercial spaces

Two part tessellating patterned mediterranean glass tilesStill in the spirit of tessellation, these three patterns add a dimension of variation and rhythm with a second color and more interlocking shapes.

As an accent wall, backsplash, or countertop, Mallorca glass tiles are tough and up to the challenge. These versatile glass mosaic tiles create a luxurious atmosphere in commercial and residential projects.

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