Metallic Tile

Create Sumptuous Metallic Effects with Decorative Glass Tiles

metallic tiles

– Tutankhamun Metallic Glass Wall Tile – available exclusively from Rubble Tile – 

You have to look closely to discover that these large metallic tiles are all actually made from glass. They may look like they are forged from gold, silver or wrought iron, when really they contain no metal at all. These intricate metallic designs will add drama and richness to any setting.

Glass has been used in the decoration of buildings for a thousand years or more, and its reflective qualities are continually being redefined. The Original Style Glassworks Collection makes it possible for you to enjoy the translucent beauty of this versatile and colorful material on interior walls throughout the home, as well as in commercial applications.

silver metallic tiles

– Pharoah Metallic Glass Wall Tile – available exclusively from Rubble Tile –

glass tile catalogTransform a room, reflect light or create dazzling effects. Explore the Glassworks Catalog for glass tiles in many sizes including large backsplashes, stunning decorative effects, beautiful metallics and a whole spectrum of colors in both glossy and frosted finishes.

  • Extraordinary large glass tiles (12 x 24)
  • Intricate patterns evoke ancient designs
  • Create a faux tin backsplash in a kitchen or bath
  • Ideal for retail and high-fashion settings
  • Use as an accent to add drama to home or office

Metallic Tile: Glass that looks like metal

Featured Product
Pharaoh and Tutankhamun decorative glass tile from Original Style.

Area of use
Residential  |  Kitchen  |  Wall  |  Hall  |  Bathroom  |  Hotel  |  Backsplash Tiles  |  Dining Room  |  Commercial  |  Shower/Wetroom Wall  |  Living Area  |  Spa  |  Bar/restaurant

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