Minty-fresh accent walls at Apple Tree Dental

Minty-fresh accent walls at Apple Tree Dental

Elegant glass designer tiles

medical glass designer tilesWhite ceramic wall tiles with a contemporary format emphasize the horizontal plane and contrast the vertical thrust of the glass tiles.

Apple Tree Dental in Mounds View, MN has some of the most beautiful bathrooms in the Metro Area. Over 200 pieces of Interstyle Shadows tile were used to create a half-dozen glass accent walls for the facility’s bathrooms. Swaying lines etched into the surface of these tiles cast shadows through the glass. This effect adds drama and depth to vertical surfaces and gives this beautiful series its name.

This design sketches out an understated natural scene. Short-and-wide rectangular wall tiles create a strong horizon. Vertical lines etched into the 6″ x 12″ accent tiles resemble tall grasses or bamboo. A patinated vase and textured glass soap dispenser add a cozy touch to this otherwise refined bathroom.

dimensional glass designer tiles

Designed by HGA Architects and installed by Harrison Tile

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