Mosa Scenes – Modern neutral tiles

Mosa is a leading brand in contemporary and sustainable design. Mosa Scenes modern neutral tiles add depth to commercial and residential spaces.

Natural texture and tone

cool gray neutral modern tiles

The Mosa Scenes collection is designed to be a unique, cost-effective and complete solution for architects and designers. Inspired by the natural grain and textures of soil, these 6″ square ceramic wall and floor tiles come in a selection of rich neutral colors. Mosa Scenes is divided into 4 warm and 4 cool color groupings, each comprised of four tiles with varied texture and tone. Ready for installation in any residential or commercial space, this highly variegated tile will create character at any scale.

warm ochre modern neutral tiles

Evocative of classic terra cotta and sandy deserts, this minimalist retail design features the Warm Ochre color grouping. Including three out of four members of the Warm Ochre family – Grain, Clay, and Sand tiles – the overall look is soft and subdued. The addition of the 4th member of the color family – Grit – would introduce a darker tone into the mix, creating a more intense effect.

32 unique 6″ square tiles in varying shades and textures

warm and cool neutral modern tiles8 total color groupings, each composed of 4 tiles with varying textures and hues, provide a full spectrum of modern neutral tiles for floors and walls. Divided into cool families (White Grey, Cool Grey, Green Grey, Dark Anthracite) and warm families (Mid Beige, Warm Ochre, Warm Grey, Dark Brown) each tile in this series is a 6″ square, making it simple to mix and match tiles within the system.

neutral modern tiles in four textures

The four textures: Grain, Sand, Clay and Grit vary in tone and intensity from a powdery soft clay to roughly speckled grit. These textures are only visual. To the touch, each tile has a physically smooth surface. Tiles in the Grain texture are available in standard smooth or non-slip micro-relief (MR) finish.

Within this collection, rhythmic or random patterns can be created over small and large surface areas. Mosa’s online pattern generator makes it easy to create nuanced and specific patterns for export into JPG, PNG, or CAD formats. This feature is especially appealing to architects and designers when creating digital mock-ups or installation specifications.

Modern neutral tiles for commercial and residential environments

residential Modern neutral tilesDark Anthracite | Dark Brown

The series’ hardwearing body and vivid, yet natural, coloring means that Scenes is an ideal option for a large variety of spaces. From wet areas such as bathrooms, to hospitality and retail spaces, Scenes is a natural choice for them all. Welcome in commercial and residential environments – these combinations of textures and colors create unparalleled depth and character.

neutral modern tile bathroomWhite Grey

View the entire Mosa Scenes catalog

Mosa Scenes Catalog PDF

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