Mosa Beige and Brown Tiles

Sophisticated ceramic tile in Beige and Brown

beige and brown ceramic wall tilesMosa Beige and Brown at the new Byerly’s in Edina, MN. See the entire installation

Beige and Brown perfectly describes this collection of high quality unglazed ceramic tiles. The color composition is divided into three color types: neutral, gray, and reddish states. Mosa’s systematic approach to aesthetics, thoughtful variation in pattern and tone, makes it easy to create spaces imbued with sophistication.

Gray Brown, Brown, and Red Brown color groups evoke the tones and textures of sandstone, the desert, or chocolate.

Each group of brown is composed of four tones, increasing in intensity from very light to very dark shades.

Mosa Brown and Beige tile color pallete A perfectly balanced beige and brown palette from 3 color types in 4 tones.

Neat edge finishing and ground edges allow for minimal joints to be realized.

MOSA Beige and Brown tiles come in many sizes. Seven square sizes, ranging from 15 cm (5.9 in) square to 100 cm (39.37 in) square. And eight rectangles, increasing in size by regular ratios. Combining different tile planks from this collection in different colors and sizes, creates a pleasing mix of formats and shades.

Mosa Brown and Beige tile in rectangular widths

Warm and cool tones suitable for residential and commercial designs.

Mosa Brown and Beige tile in rectangular widths

Sustainability is one of Mosa’s core values

Mosa is not only an innovative tile manufacturer but also a member of the Dutch Green Building Council. Beige & Brown is a leading ­edge example of sustainable production. The entire program carries the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate, which means that it satisfies present and future requirements for sustainable building.

The tiles are partially made from re­cycled materials; no environment ­polluting raw materials are used, making the tiles suitable for reuse. ‘Green’ electricity from hydro­electric power stations is exclusively used in production. Mosa tiles are also durable and contribute to a better interior climate.

View a Catalog of Mosa’s Beige and Brown tile collection.


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