Mosa colorful wall tiles

Mosa is a leading brand in contemporary and sustainable design. Comprised of 50 colorful wall tiles, the Mosa Colors collection enhances the personality of every space.

Color on demand

bright and colorful wall tiles

The Mosa Colors collection is part of a suite of products including Mosa Global and 15thirty. This trifecta of Mosa collections fully addresses the need for diverse and colorful tiles voiced by today’s architects and interior designers. Available in 6″ x 6″ and 4″ x 4″ formats, it’s easy to mix and match between floor and wall tiles.

colorful wall tiles

Use Mosa Colors’ full palette of colorful wall tiles to create a uniquely blended kitchen backsplash or patterned bathroom wallscape.

Fifty expressive colors for residential and commercial projects

Mosa Colors includes fifty light, dark, fresh, somber, moody, bright, airy, loamy, soft, neutral, piquant, cool, earthy, and infinitely specific shades of tile.

fifty colors of colorful wall tiles

A dazzling array of color options enables designers, architects, and homeowners to hone in on the perfect hue for their project. If you can’t find the exact shade or tint you’re looking for– Mosa will develop a custom color just for you.

aqua blues colorful wall tiles

With literally any color at your fingertips, Mosa Colors makes it easy to coordinate digital and print color elements with the interior design of retail environments, restaurant franchises, or corporate headquarters.

Mint, Celery, Olive, Sustainable

green sustainable colorful wall tiles

Sustainability is one of Mosa’s core values. Created with recycled materials and hydro-electric power, Mosa tiles are long-lasting in more ways than one. A member of the Dutch Green Building Council, nearly all of Mosa’s collections carry the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate, signifying the company’s commitment to the planet.

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