Mosa Terra Maestricht – Large format wall and floor tiles

Mosa specializes in sustainable modern tiles. This modular collection of large format wall and floor tiles is ideal for commercial and residential projects.

All-purpose tiles with natural gradated surfaces

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Terra Maestricht is a fully modular collection of porcelain tiles created by Mosa. Embodying the enduring strength of rock and earth, these tiles lend a completely new dimension to walls and floors. 25 earthen tones are available in sizes ranging from 1ʺ square mosaics to large format wall and floor tiles. With 2 distinctive finishes Terra Maestricht tiles are suitable for interior and exterior installations, bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies, patios, even building façades.

large format wall and floor tilesTerra Maestricht commercial installation in a European office

25 colors and 22 sizes in 9 modular widths

color selection of large format wall and floor tiles

Terra Maestricht is available in a wide range of natural shades and hues – from Avalon Beige to Anthracite, Cotto to Rust Brown. Organic color gradations add variation and texture to these striking wall and floor tiles.

Modular wall and floor tilesThe Terra Maestricht collection comes in every size, from extra small 1ʺ mosaic tiles to 40ʺ square and 24ʺ x 38ʺ large format rectangular tiles. The perfect fit for walls, floors, and façades; these tiles can be laid out in endless creative patterns. Fully rectified, Terra Maestricht tiles require minimal grouting for tight layouts.

● Square tiles in 6ʺ, 8ʺ, 12ʺ, 18ʺ, 24ʺ, 30ʺ, 36ʺ, and 40ʺ dimensions.
● Planks tiles in 24ʺ lengths by 2ʺ, 4ʺ, 6ʺ,8ʺ, and 12ʺ widths.
● 6 large format tiles in 15ʺ x 30ʺ, 18ʺ x 36ʺ, 8ʺ x 48ʺ, 12ʺ x 28ʺ, 16ʺ x 48ʺ, and 24ʺ x 48ʺ sizes.
3ʺ x 1ʺ and 1ʺ x 1ʺ mosaic tiles.

Soberly minimalistic yet luxurious, inside or out

indoor and outdoor large format wall and floor tilesLarge format Avalon Beige floor tiles transition seamlessly from the patio to the kitchen, creating a unified interior and exterior space

Terra Maestricht is available in two finishes. The fine grained powder matt finish is suitable for nearly any application, while relief structured tiles have a more robust appearance and are ideal for exterior application and use in wet areas.

Large format wall and floor tiles for indoors and outdoorsPure porcelain Terra Maestricht tiles are fully sintered, making them extremely strong, scratch resistant, colorfast, as well as water, weather and frost proof. Lightweight and durable enough to install on the exterior of buildings – there’s nothing these tiles can’t do!

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