Original Style Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles for all senses of style – this comprehensive collection includes a huge range of materials and options for all types of spaces.

Original Style Mosaics Collection  mosaic tiles in a full range of materials and colors Mosaic tiles have never been out of fashion and have been used to decorate homes and public buildings since ancient times. Original Style Mosaics are made using a full range of materials from Gold to Shell, Glass to Wood, Ceramic, Porcelain, Metal and Natural Stone. These mosaic tiles are more than just beautiful, they are also practical. Depending on the material they are made from, Original Style Mosaics can be applied to flat and curved surfaces, used to cover large areas or as accent and contrast. They are versatile and can be used in residential, public, and commercial spaces where both aesthetics and durability are necessary.

Eleven tile groupings comprise this comprehensive collection of mosaics, in a range of colors surfaces and textures, with patterns for all spaces.

Original Style Mosaics opulent mosaic tilesMade using a range of precious metals and prized materials, the Elite Collection has the power to transform a room. Make a statement by going for one of several mosaic styles incorporating gold. Or travel the word with Mediterranean and Chinese inspired mosaic designs. Other mosaics are made from Shell, experience the height of luxury with shimmering Mother of Pearl and Purity shells. Seven softly glowing colors make up the Therapy range, perfect for relaxing baths.

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Original Style Mosaics glass mosaic tiles gold fleckGlass Gold Fleck – hints and glints of gold in subtle random patterns. Light up a room in a range of colors, from neutral hues to bold vibrant saturated mosaics. The unique qualities of surface ‘flecking’ adds just a touch of opulence. Original Style Mosaics Iridescent Glass mosaic tilesIridescent Glass mosaics bring pearlescent shimmer to any room. The Highlight Range is made up of vibrant colors meant to add sparkle to a design. Square mosaic tiles made of recycled glass may have led former lives but they have never seen better days. Tiles come in a variety of shapes: squares, rectangles, ovals, and circles. Original Style Glass Mixed Blend mosaic tilesGlass Mixed Blend is available in a range of light to dark tones with mixtures of different textures of glass. Mixed tile blends can help you create both individual and stylish designs. Choose from pale shades through to darker tones and mixtures of iridescent, gold fleck, pail and clear glass. Glass Mixed Blends are available in random mosaics, symmetrical patterns and recycled glass. Original Style Mosaic tiles collection Marsabit 8 tile panels8 Tile Panels – a bold and beautiful graduation of hues adds a vibrant intensity to any room, creating dramatic and stunning effects. Seven color groups each include eight different tile panels with varying density of dark and light colors. Used in combination, the 8 Tile Panels create a smooth gradation from dark to light. Used vertically or horizontally these 8 tile panels draw the eye through the gradual change of color to create a sense of endless space. Original Style Glass mantra flores autumn haze ibiza mosaic tiles stylesOriginal Style offers the widest choice of Glass mosaic tilesto fulfill every decorator’s wildest dream. Plain glass and mixtures; frosted and gloss surfaces; mirror tiles and stained glass. Square mosaic tiles, rectangles in varying widths, even tiles that look like waves. Colors and patterns evoke beach glass, water, wood grain, fruit, stained glass, and pebbles. A tile suitable for  any commercial or residential project. Original Style Mosaics Paradise Range clear and translucent mosaic tiles with beach and ocean colorsThe individual tile pieces that make up these Glass Paradise mosaic sheets vary in luster, texture, transparency, and color. Some have softly flowing textures and merging colors, some are translucent, others are iridescent. Two tile sizes and 18 color groups. Original Style Mosaics combines glass, stone, metal, wood and other materials into stunning mosaic tilesOriginal Style Mosaics Mixed uses different combinations of glass, stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal and wood to create an exciting array of mosaics. Taking inspiration from locales around the world, natural elements, and the seasons this collection brings stone, glass, and metal together. Seasons and Earth & Fire styles incorporate icons and engravings on the tile, searching for them is like finding a perfectly formed fossil or gold nugget on the beach. Original Style Mosaics Metal available in polished and brushed surfaces bold confident design mosaic tilesMetal tiles reflect more than light, they indicate boldness and confidence. Clean lines and shapes enhance and complement a near by surfaces of wood, stone, glass, ceramic, or brick. Polished surfaces boldly mirror light and color, and brushed satin finishes soften reflections. Ultramodern aluminum mosaic tiles look stylish in contemporary settings, whether residential or commercial. Copper mosaics transform overtime, bringing a unique patina of verdigris. Original Style Mosaics Greek inspired Porcelain mosaic tilesInspired by the mosaics of ancient Mediterranean cultures, Original Style’s Porcelain collections are ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms, or changing rooms. Durable and attractive, each individual tile contains a park of vivid color. Original Style Mosaics Stone mosaic tiles six waysStone as a material is a natural choice. Subtleties of tone and texture will always provide inspiration, and will always harmonise with changing styles and colour schemes. Inspired by ancient cultures, and the natural rustic qualities of stone.

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