Mosa Solids – Oversized tiles

Mosa is a leading brand in contemporary and sustainable design. This collection of oversized tiles guarantees to stand up to the test of time.

Solid Power

solarium with oversized tilesJade Grey solarium

Created with architects and designers in mind, Mosa Solids is a large format system of oversized ceramic tiles which balances variation with unity.  Mosa Solids takes its inspiration from Modernist principles, merging simple lines and forms with natural bodied materials.

Mosa Solids resilient porcelain tiles will maintain their shape under pressure and stand up to the test of time. This robust and functional series is ideal for high impact commercial spaces like transit stations or sophisticated retail environments.

airport hallway with oversized tilesHigh traffic hallway in Basalt Grey

Mosa Solids colors, shapes, and sizes

colors of oversized tiles

The Mosa Solids collection includes 12 colors that draw on natural tones to bring depth and warmth to floors, walls, and façades. One half of the palette accentuates cooler shades: Vivid White, Clay Grey, Agate Grey, Stone Grey, Basalt Grey, and Graphite Black. The remaining six colors are a spectrum of vivid earth tones: Sand Beige, Deep Ochre, Rust Red, Jade Grey, Forest Grey, and Earth Brown.

A unique production process gives each tile an individual color profile and personal details. The process highlights the natural movement of different sized grains and bands of color. A combination of spray-dried granulates and fine and coarse flakes are pressed and fired at high temperatures to create a tile that offers high durability and recognizable variation – an ideal solution for high traffic areas.

sizes of oversized tiles

This diagram shows the proportional relationships between all the sizes in the Mosa Solids collection. Mosa Solids is available in the following formats derived from the basic 24 inch square: 24 x 24″, 16 x 24″, 16 x 12″, 8 x 12″, 12 x 12″, 8 x 24″, 2 x 24″.

Creating patterns from oversized tiles

oversized tile patterns

A number of pattern options can be used to create unlimited atmospheres in spaces of all sizes. Several patterns have already been designed for Mosa Solids as a source of inspiration. Mosa’s online pattern generator makes it easy to create nuanced and specific patterns for export into JPG, PNG, or CAD formats.

stark marble white large format floor tilesVivid White in a monochromatic retail environment

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