Original Style – Odyssey Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned Floor Tiles from Around the World


The Odyssey series brings patterns and designs from around the world together into a single collection of patterned tiles, borders, and coordinating solid color tiles. There is no doubt that you will be amazed at the level of detailing these complex patterns.

Available in two sizes, Primo and Grande, these patterned floor tiles will have an impact in small areas or in grand installations. Odyssey is a great choice for an accent wall or a unique floor. Use it to create a tile border in bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. These beautiful tiles will even stand up to the foot traffic of retail, restaurant, and other light commercial applications.

Odyssey Grande large patterned floor tiles

The inspirations for Odyssey Grande floor tiles come from around the world, yet each pattern looks beautiful in modern and traditional settings. The base color for all Odyssey Grande patterned tiles is white. A matching solid white tile is available to complement any pattern in the series.

Odyssey Grande floor tiles come in a single 11 7/8″ square format. Durable and long lasting, these ceramic tiles are suitable for residential and light commercial designs.

classic patterned floor tilesFresh and clean Allegro is perfect for halls, kitchens, and bathrooms. | The diamond Harlequin pattern has been a classic for centuries.

contemporary art deco patterned floor tileStylish and up to the second, Arcadia is based on a classic art deco pattern.

classic and contemporary patterned floor tilesBold and geometric Voltaire makes use of shading to create a dimensional illusion. | Inspired by intertwining Celtic knots, Breton has a soft contemporary edge.

light floral patterned floor tilesEpoque is a floral look with heart-shaped negative spaces and vivid red accents.

interlaced geometric patterned floor tilesThe beautiful interlacing designs of Bolero are inspired by the antique ceramics of Anatolia (modern day Turkey).

white patterned floor tilesDolce is an elegant design based on a traditional octagon dot pattern. | Vogue is a fashionable design that has evolved from Medieval and Victorian patterns.

french inspired patterned floor tilesA French church inspired this pattern. Evoking a family crest, Quartrefoil is a design of alternating floral icons. This medieval pattern is available in three modern color schemes.

Hand-finished decorative wall tiles

hand finished patterned wall tiles

Available in 12 different patterns, the Tapestry collection draws on centuries of tradition to bring the patterns and rhythms of woven and embroidered tapestries to tile. Each of these 6″ square wall tiles is hand finished. Keep it simple with a single pattern, or mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind patchwork design.

Odyssey Primo patterned floor tiles in dynamic patterns and colors

mix and match patterned floor tiles

Expanding on the globe trotting theme of Odyssey Grande, the Odyssey Primo collection offers a smaller 6″ square tile format. Inspirations range from a Moroccan bazaar, to rustic Turkish pottery, to the lost civilization of the Inca. Each one of these tiles is handmade to order for an artful impact in residential or commercial interiors.

fleur de lis patterned floor tilesThe character of Assyrian is an open and circular pattern changes dramatically depending on the base tile color. Available in eye catching red or neutral white.

fancy patterned floor tilesRococo is a complex repeating pattern inspired by the architecture of the 18th century.

vintage inspired patterned floor tilesGrand and elegant Gothic sets the scene in cool grays and blues. | Pompeii’s straight lines and subtle flower motif is perfect for gardens and conservatories. | The whimsical pattern of Romanesque is like an exquisite embroidery.

geometric patterned floor tiles

Uncomplicated Babylonian makes a big impact. | Curving arabesque Persian tiles are ideally installed continuously to showcase the undulated tessellating pattern.

Patterns. Patterns. And patterns.

19 patterned floor tiles

Odyssey Primo is composed of nineteen patterns, each offered in several colorways. The entire collection has over 60 different tiles to choose from.

Matching borders, corners and plain color tiles

corner and border patterned tiles

Every patterned tile in the Odyssey Grand and Primo collection has a matching corner and border tile. It’s easy to create an interesting design for any scale using border and fill tiles to frame fancy pattern tiles.

complimentary solid tiles

Available in 6″ x 6″ square; 6″ x 3″, 6″ x 2″, and 6″ x 1″ rectangles, the solid color field tiles are made to match the Primo collection. Selected colors are also available in a 6″ x 3 7/8″ skirting. Plain white 11 7/8″ square tiles are available to match the patterns from the Odyssey Grande collection.

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