Solistone Pebble Tiles

Los Angeles-based Solistone is one of the largest importers of decorative tile and natural stone products in the United States. Decorative pebble tiles add a sensuous natural texture to wet or dry environments.

Solistone Decorative Pebble Tiles

turquoise pebble tiles

Pebble surfaces are an especially popular option for bathrooms, spas, kitchen backsplashes, and design accents in commercial installations. Solistone Decorative Pebbles is an assortment of different pebble styles. Each series comes in various colors. 100% natural stones mounted to a mesh backing save hours of installation time over placing individual stones.

River Rockssolistone-river-rocks

Natural river rocks are sorted from dried river beds to create these smooth, supple mosaics. A timeless, organic element for interior and exterior walls and floors. Available in four colorways: Dawn, Turquoise, Rain, Brookstone.


The newest addition to the Decorative Pebbles assortment, each Koja pebble conjures up images of serpentine scales with a high-polished, glossy sheen and smooth surface. Solistone Koja tiles come in dark black Viper, rusty Cobra, and gold Anaconda.

Kuala Pebblessolitsone kuala pebble times

Bring exotic design indoors with the Kuala Pebble mosaics. Similar to the Koja in shape, Kuala Pebbles have a soft, natural finish – perfect for bare feet. Madura Sands brings to mind white beaches; white veins stand out from Komodo Black tiles. Opulent Raja White, and north woods Batik Blue round out the colorways.

Micro Pebblesmicro pebble tiles

A smaller version of our popular River Rock mosaic, Micro Pebbles offer smooth, supple texture underfoot. Three essential colors: Playa Beige, Barbados Black, Cayman Blue

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