AlysEdwards – Tongue in Chic glossy glaze brick tiles

Tongue in Chic is the first ceramic collection from AlysEdwards. This series’ classic gloss finish enhances the brush strokes of every tile.

Glossy glaze brick tiles

black glossy glaze brick tilesAlysEdwards Tongue in Chic | Playing it Coal

Sophisticated and simple tiles with a glossy finish catch pools of light throughout the day. Tongue in Chic is available in a single size with a matching border. Ten subdued colors fill out this versatile collection of glossy glaze brick tiles.

Detail of AlysEdwards glossy brush stroke textureThe brush stroke texture gives these ceramic subway tiles a handmade look. The glossy finish of these tiles reflects light back into a space, creating energy and lifting mood.

10 Subdued Colors

glossy glaze brick tiles colorways color paletteFrom classic black and white, to creamy latte and sea foam green, this collection of glossy glaze brick tiles fits restful baths, farmhouse kitchens, and spaces that need a gentle touch. The understated brush stroke texture evokes the subtle grace of watercolor paintings.

Tongue is Chic comes in a 2 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ modern format, as well as a matching liner.

Sophisticated glossy glaze brick tiles

Three styles of AlysEdwards glossy glaze brick tiles.Light green You’re Not the Moss of Me | I Think I’ll Bisque It herringbone tiles | A Whole Latte Sass with Cut Me Some Flax liner

The names of this stylish family of glossy glaze brick tiles reflect the bright, light-hearted character of this gorgeous collection from AlysEdwards. From “A Whole Latte Sass” to “Playing it Coal,” don’t underestimate these “Cement to Happen” tiles.

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AlysEdward Tongue in Cheek PDF

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