Victorian Tiles

Victorian tiles evoke the romance of English heritage.

Nostalgia for Victorian elegance led Original Style to recreate these English heritage floor tiles. Originally used to ornament medieval churches, monasteries, and the homes of the British aristocracy. Victorian tiles lend themselves to simple or complex repeating geometric patterns. For use in the restoration of period homes or to bring a sense of history into a contemporary space. For this collection, Original Style has researched a selection of popular designs sourced from pattern books from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as Art Deco patterns. Details for recreating these heritage designs are available in the Original Style Victorian Tiles catalog. These historic designs complement a home filled with antiques and leather-bound volumes. With 12 colors and 7 shapes, the permutations are endless.

Black and white victorian floor tileLincoln pattern with simple border in Dover White and Black.

victorian floor tilesVictorian tiles three ways.

On the left a Lambeth patterned exterior walkway in Red, Buff, Brown and White. Next, a Wellington pattern in White and Green. Finally the Inverlochy pattern takes its name from the original floor at Inverlochy Castle.

Victorian tiles are tough enough for high traffic areas and the outdoors.

victorian tile hallwayThis Cliveden pattern in Red, Grey, and White incorporate Livingstone decorated tiles. Original Style Victorian tiles are durable and tough, appropriate for high traffic areas like hallways and entrance halls or outdoors on porches and terraces.


black and white victorian bathroom tileOn the left, a Huntington pattern with modified Bronte border. In Dover White, Black and Grey. On the right, a Cambridge pattern evokes a chessboard.

Beyond the 7 basic shapes, Victorian tiles by Original Style includes a variety of hand detailed decorative tiles.

Original Style Victorian Floor TileBeyond basic colors and shapes, collection includes a variety of artfully decorated tiles to add drama and interest to boarders and patterns. On the right, the Lindisfarne pattern with Stevenson border in Royal Palladian, Black, Dover White, Brown and Red with Livingstone decorative tiles. On the left, Dublin tiles’ interlacing knot designs are inspried by Celtic art.

hand decorated victorian tilesPalmerston 36-tile set. This 3′ x 3′ image is made from a set of 36 screenprinted 6″ x 6″ tiles. Original Style offers several of these decorative panel sets in various dimensions. The screen printed colors are designed to closely match the geometric tile. These hand decorated tile sets are an ideal center pieces for larger spaces.

Original Style Victorian Floor Tile Catalog

View the Victorian Tiles Catalog

Free computer aided design database

Interior designers and architects working with CAD (computer aided design) systems can obtain a free CAD database to help plan geometric pattern floors. It can be downloaded from Original Style. A CAD software program is required to run the CAD database.

It will help you to:

  •  Visualize floor tile layouts in their intended settings
  •  Design tiling layouts from scratch
  •  Experiment with different color/pattern/border combinations
  •  Calculate tile quantities required

Original Style Victorian tiles come in Red, Buff, Black, White, Brown, Blue, Green, Grey, Dover White, Old London, Regency Bath, Royal Palladian. All patterns shown can be created with the basic shapes: squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, octagons, and trapezia.

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