The Bachelor Farmer Cafe – An Artful Mix of Old and New

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe – An Artful Mix of Old and New

Using patterned tiles to create drama

Diverse surfaces from exposed brick to patterned tiles add visual interest and texture.

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe mixes historical patterns and rough surfaces with a heavy dose of contemporary style to create an atmosphere that is playful yet mature.

Painted white, the exposed brick walls call attention to the authenticity of the building while evoking the mise en scene of an art gallery. The wooden cabinets, stools, and counter add warmth and a sense of craftsmanship to an otherwise cool space. Two energetic tile patterns create a dynamic sense of tension between old and new.

Simple and bold patterned floor tilesOriginal Style Odyssey Grande | Babylonian 6″ x 6″ patterned floor tiles

3,000 square feet of Original Style Odyssey Grande Babylon floor tiles have an old world charm. Neat rows of X’s look like they were shaped by ancient Roman chisels. This simple and uncomplicated pattern contrasts the contemporary diamond wall tiles.

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe in Minneapolis, MN cool modern minimal interior designThis creative installation was designed by James Dayton Design and installed by Dale Tile.

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