Ceramic Tile: Introducing the ADEX Ocean Collection

Ceramic Tile: Introducing the ADEX Ocean Collection

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ADEX History

ADEX USA is a family-owned company with a commitment to excellence, craftsmanship and customer service. They are known as a high quality maker of ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles. The Spanish and European design influence is evident in their varied collections of subway and other field tile, decorative tiles and moldings.

ADEX proudly traces their heritage to their beginnings in 1897 and the original ADEX factory in Onda, Castellón, Spain. They still own the building, El Siglo, and the original sign is in place. Back in the 1950s, ADEX began exporting to the United States with an exclusive collection of funky tiles by Spanish artist Salvador Dalí! In 1996 they opened a ceramic tile distributorship in the US, and they have offered fabulous, competitively priced tile ever since.

Like ADEX, Rubble Tile is a long-lived family-owned company coming up on its 85th year in business. Rubble’s own commitment to excellence, customer service and finely crafted products makes ADEX an ideal partner.

The Ocean Collection 

Adex Ocean collection, ceramic tile in Minneapolis

When looking into the ocean on a calm day, you feel a sense of serenity and a depth of vision. Relaxation, reflection and visual stimulation are inherent to the OCEAN COLLECTION.

Crackle Glaze Ceramic Tile available at Rubble Tile Minneapolis

The surface effects of a typical crackled glaze, combined with a unique micro crackle and its reflective yet dimensional surface, make it not only unique but transitional in style from classic to contemporary.

3x9 Subway tile in Minneapolis

The color palette, decorative components and finishing pieces make it a popular choice of designers and homeowners around the world.

Crackle Glaze tile in Minneapolis

The above Rail Molding Frame Corner is a nice closeup example of the crackle and micro-crackle glaze created for the Ocean Collection. You can also see the result of the glaze pooling into the deeper areas of the molding piece, making every tile one of a kind and gorgeous.

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Available in 3×6 or 3×9 subway tile as well as 6×6 decorative pieces and finishing moldings, this collection and its tranquility-inducing color palette are a welcome addition to Rubble Tile’s showroom mix!

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