Craft: Rubble Tile’s New European Ceramic Tile Collection

Craft: Rubble Tile’s New European Ceramic Tile Collection

The Summer of Fabulous European Tile Continues at Rubble Tile

European Ceramic Subway Tile


Ceramic tile has a long, storied tradition throughout Europe. In fact, the earliest tiles in Western Europe (late c.10th) were found in a number of locations. Until the Industrial Revolution, glazed tile was an expensive building material that was created by artisans whose predecessors had perfected the art over hundreds of years.

Passing on techniques and glaze formulas through the generations, European tile makers still carry on the craft. This summer Rubble Tile is proud to offer some of the world’s finest, most design-forward ceramic tile options available (often at a budget-friendly price point).


Affordable Ceramic Tile Minneapolis

The Craft collection is an innovation that relies on the familiar yet has a surprisingly modern effect. The 2.5″ x 10″ size offers a contemporary look. Yet Craft owes its artisanal character to the depth and transparency of its high-gloss glaze. Many of the colors in the Craft line offer a unique glaze variation that lends the pieces a hand-made look.

Glazed Ceramic Tile

Compositions of alkaline earth, metal oxides and quality clay, combined with ideal firing temperatures and open flames generate distinctively radiant, deep glazes and colorations.

Hand made tile


Eleven eye-pleasing colors ranging from white through grey hues, olive and golden yellow to amber and blue-green create a freedom of design and extraordinary aesthetics.



The ribbon formats with a 3-D effect are particularly interesting to the eye and transformational. Coved skirting, wave profiles and large double-tipped tiles are applied (in facade design in particular), where they contribute to a renaissance of classic architectural ceramics as can be seen in many European countries today.



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