Rubble Tile Commercial Project Spotlight: Bubbly Paws Dog Wash

Rubble Tile Commercial Project Spotlight: Bubbly Paws Dog Wash

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Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and their design team specified Rubble Tile’s Mosa Kho Liang le for their recent remodel.

Bubbly Paws Dog Wash

Design: U + B Architecture & Design
Installation: Anderson’s New Carpet Design
Product: Mosa Kho Liang Ie


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Bubbly Paws, Rubble’s recent commercial project, features more trending and innovative European Tile. This time we’re featuring Mosa‘s Kho Liang Ie tile, a revived design classic from the Sixties. The Rubble team enjoyed working with Bubbly Paws and their design team. After all, who doesn’t love dogs?


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In fact, Bubbly Paws’ owners started their business because they got fed up with the hair and mess leftover after every bath and brushing in their home with their dog, Roxy, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Now they’re taking the headache out of dog grooming for everyone. Started in 2011, Bubbly Paws has grown to three locations, plus an online shop.



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They make washing your dog fun in their upscale dog spa! Bring your pup to the Bubbly Paws self-service dog wash and they’ll give you everything you need to make your dog look and smell great. They have professional, waist-high tubs so you don’t have to bend over and non-slip ramps so larger dogs can easily get in the tub.


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Kho Liang le Collection




Mosa has revived a design classic from the Sixties: the ‘Kho Liang Ie Collection’. Gloss white tiles with relief  circles, segments of circles, diagonals and triangles. Size 10 x 10 centimeter (just under 4×4). The relief tiles can be combined to create unusual effects. A smooth wall tile is also available to complement the relief tiles.


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.19.22 AM

Six relief shapes and a white field tile create nearly limitless pattern possibilities.


Bubbly Paws6

Relief circles and circle segments of varying size give the white wall dimension and style.


Bubbly Paws1

This fun wall shows a few of the collection’s pattern options.


Kho Liang Ie




Kho Liang Ie (1927-1975) was one of the most significant interior and industrial designers in the Netherlands. During his all too short career, Kho managed to create an impressive oeuvre. He was a designer of immeasurable value to furniture manufacturers like Artifort, CAR and Spectrum. In the Sixties he used the relief tiles he had designed for Mosa in the interior of Schiphol International Airport.



Circle segments create this innovative pattern.


About Mosa


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As a Dutch tile manufacturer with over 130 years of experience, Mosa offers unique and distinct tile concepts for walls, floors, facades and more. With its distinctive, high-quality and aesthetically pleasing tile lines, Mosa contributes to the architectural designs of today and tomorrow. Innovation and design are its core values.


Stay tuned for the next Rubble Tile Blog entry – featuring more fantastic Mosa Tile used by Christian Dean Architecture on the Homes by Architects Tour. 


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