Rubble Tile Features Mosa in the Parade of Homes Dream Home

Rubble Tile Features Mosa in the Parade of Homes Dream Home


The final weekend of the Twin Cities Parade of Homes is upon us! Through April 2nd you can tour any of the stunning homes in the Parade on Thursdays through Sundays from noon to 6 pm. Come view new products, designs, and ideas in person. As mentioned in our last blog post, Rubble Tile has teamed up with Sustainable 9 for their Dream Home, currently featured in the Parade of Homes. You can find this home at 2000 Shadywood Road in Orono, overlooking Lake Minnetonka. We worked with Sustainable 9 to select all of the tile for this beautiful, modern home, so stop by and get a feel for the incredible versatility of our collections!


Detail of Mosa Terra Tones in the master bath

Spotlight on Mosa

Sustainable 9 made excellent use of some fabulous collections by Mosa, a Dutch company with over 130 years of experience. Four different collections in distinct colors and styles are featured in the master bathroom, the three-quarter bathroom, and the wet bar.


Master bathroom

Mosa in the Master Bath

The master bathroom employs Mosa’s Terra Tones and XXS collections to create clean, inviting lines and relaxing tones that play with the natural light that reflecting off Lake Minnetonka just outside.

The floors and walls of the master bath are from the Terra Tones collection in Veneto Gray. These porcelain planks vary in size, including 2×24″, 4×24″, and 6×24″. The clean gray and natural finish perfectly balance the eye-catching layout of the random-linear tile pattern.


Terra Tones in Veneto Gray on the master bath floor & walls

A glance at the shower floor in the master bath will reveal more of Mosa’s fine designs and craftsmanship. The shower floor features tile from Mosa’s XXS series in Veneto Gray. These porcelain tiles are arranged in a 1″ square mosaic. Terra Tones tiles come in a variety of natural tones. Each color choice actually contains three subtly distinct shades, which come together to create a natural-feel with color variation.


Master bath shower detail, featuring Terra Tones & XXS


Mosa in the Wet Bar

The wet bar of this dream home is truly a work of art. We highlighted its backsplash in our last blog post, which is made with Solistone Commercial’s Tessen tiles in Brine, but now we focus on the floor. The wet bar floor features Mosa’s Solids collection in Basalt Grey. These 12×16″ porcelain tiles come in a darker, mature shade of grey and contain a granular look that adds depth and warmth to the tone.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.05.30 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.05.41 PM

The Solids series is available in twelve different colors, including six neutral tones and six more expressive colors, each offering their own unique and sophisticated personality.



Mosa Solids, XXS, and Murals in the 3/4 bath

Mosa in the 3/4 Bath

The three-quarter bath features three of Mosa’s tiles: Solids, XXS, and Murals. The bathroom floor mirrors the floor of the wet bar–the porcelain Solids collection in 12×16 Basalt Grey–and helps to tie the home together.


XXS collection in the shower niche, and Murals collection on the walls

The shower floor and niche in the three-quarter bath are from Mosa’s XXS collection in Brazilian Anthracite. They are porcelain and are arranged in a rectangle mosaic. The shower walls use 6×12″ ceramic tiles from the Murals Lines collection in the Dark Anthracite shade.

The shades, patterns, and sizes of the two different collections in this shower play perfectly together. The eclectic angles in the Murals Lines collection, along with the smaller details of the XXS collection create visual interest. Additionally, the coordinating darker tones lend a sense of private sanctuary to the space.


XXS in Brazilian Anthracite on the shower floor


Other Rubble Brands in the Dream Home

While Mosa has certainly left its unique, sleek, and visually stunning imprint in multiple rooms of this Sustainable 9 Dream Home, there are still other equally impressive Rubble brands in the home as well. Don’t forget about ADEX and Solistone Commercial, which are featured as backsplashes in the kitchen and wet bar respectively!

Click on the images below to read more about the ADEX and SC installations in our dream home.


ADEX in the kitchen


RUBBLE_Drm homewet bar.solistone comm

Solistone Commercial in the wet bar














No matter which room you enter in this stunning and sustainable dream home, you are bound to encounter the expert craftsmanship and design of one of the many tile manufacturers we are proud to work with. We hope you take advantage of the unique opportunity that the Parade of Homes presents to see these beautiful designs in real life!

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