Porcelains with a Fabric-like Look from AlysEdwards


Porcelains with a Fabric-like Look from AlysEdwards

Are you searching for a tile that is more than meets the eye? Rubble Tile has the perfect tile collections by AlysEdwards!  They will excite anyone who is a fan of optical illusions, or anyone who is looking for a soft, sophisticated tile with an eye-catching texture. These three collections by AlysEdwards–Dagny, Lido, and City Scene–are made from durable porcelain but give the appearance of fabric to provide a unique look for your space.

Dagny Tile Mimics Linen

Dagny Fabrique is a porcelain tile that mimics the look of cross-hatch linen. This collection is inspired by the delicate patterns and movement of fabric. Its texture is finely detailed and appears so soft that you will want to reach out and touch it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.30.42 PM

Dagny Hexagon Mosaic in Denimun

Dagny comes in five colors: Denimun, Gray, Silver, Taupe, and White. These colors pair perfectly with any scheme, and while the subdued shades lay a foundation for many colors and tones, the texture of these tiles still lets them pop in their own way. Dagny is available in a range of sizes and shapes, including 12″ x 24″, 3″ x 24″ bullnose, 2″ x 2″ hexagon, and 2″ x 6″ chevron mosaic.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.31.36 PM

Dagny in Silver

The Woven Look of Lido

The Lido Collection is another of AlysEdwards’ tile collections with a unique linen look. These soft yet contemporary porcelain tiles are available in Almond, Black, Camel, Gray, Maroon, Sand, and White. With this mix of classic and contemporary colors, you’ll be certain to find a tone that fits your design ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.16.14 PM

Lido in White

Like Dagny, Lido is also available in 12″ x 24″, 3″ x 24″ bullnose, 2″ x 2″ hexagon, and 2″ x 6″ chevron mosaic. These diverse offerings of colors, sizes, and styles make Lido an optimal choice for any space you create. Whether you’re looking for larger floor tile or a smaller, intricate mosaic, Lido has it all, with its signature woven linen look to top it all off.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.25.43 PM

Lido in Black Chevron Mosaic and Maroon Hexagon Mosaic

City Scene Brings the Metropolitan Mood

While Dagny and Lido both have a linen look, City Scene has a contemporary vibe with its smooth, textile look. These porcelain tiles have their own unique linear texture that mimics fabric, with creamy soft colors that are reminiscent of a sunrise pouring over a city scene. The unique texture and colors of City Scene use harmonious elements to bring elegant city life to your space.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.42.54 PM

City Scene in Chocolate

City Scene is available in Chocolate, Silver, Taupe, and White. All of these calming, sophisticated colors are offered in the varying sizes and styles of 12″ x 24″, 3″ x 24″ bullnose, and two mosaics of 2″ x 2″ and 2″ x 6″ chevron. City Scene lends a special feeling to your space, that rare peaceful moment of an early morning sunrise in the city.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.43.53 PM

City Scene in Taupe 2″x2″ Mosaic

All three of these collections offer a unique yet classic, and subtle yet eye-catching look. Add some texture to your space with Dagny, Lido and City Scene by AlysEdwards.

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