Black & White Patterns from ANT Tile at Rubble in Minneapolis


Black & White Patterns from ANT Tile at Rubble in Minneapolis

Vintage-Style Porcelain Mosaic Tile at Rubble

The concept is simple: mosaics made from small, triangular, black and vintage white tiles. From this core idea, ANT Tile has created an impressively large and versatile array of tile patterns. Some are complex, some are simple, but all are as timeless and fashionable as the combination of black and white. Their patterns range from classic stripes to modern diamonds, and optically stimulating blossoms to windmills, among many more.


Geometric versatility

These versatile porcelain tiles are available in black, gray, and vintage white–a creamy, off-white tone. ANT also offers a glossy or matte finish, which can change the depth of your designs. The patterns function as either wall or floor tiles, and can be used as a main focal point or an accent to the rest of your design. Whether your project is a DIY home improvement, or a large-scale professional design, ANT Tile has a black and white pattern that will suit your needs.

Magic Cube & Windmill


Magic Cube as a floor tile

The Magic Cube series is a geometric wonder of squares that can be arranged in various sizes and configurations. The number of design options associated with one simple shape–the square–is staggering, and gives designers freedom to make this series their own.


Intricate details of Windmill

The Windmill series employs some similar shapes from the Magic Cube series, but distinguishes itself with its triangular tiles arranged to reach outward like the arms of a windmill. This small, unique detail adds visual interest to the series. The pattern is available in 1″ or 2″ triangle mosaics, and have both glossy and matte options.

Time Tunnel & Diamond


Crisp lines of the Time Tunnel series

If classic stripes are more your style, consider the Time Tunnel series for your next design project. Time Tunnel creates compelling and contrasting black and vintage white stripes of various sizes that can bring both order and excitement to your space. Whether you are looking for clean, straight lines that span the length of a room, or a zigzag pattern, Time Tunnel has something for you.


Whimsy and glamour with the Diamond series

The Diamond series is a fun way to add glamour to a room. The triangular pieces are arranged so that a pattern of diamond shapes repeats throughout the space. The 1″ glossy or matte porcelain tile mosaic pattern bring the glamour of diamonds while adding a unique design and whimsical touch.

Blossom & Heart


Blossom on both wall and floor

Just as each flower is unique, each pattern in the Blossom series is individually striking. The small, triangular, black and white tiles are arranged in the shape of geometric blossoms that grow outwards and fold into each other in a stunning display. Perfect for both walls and floors, the Blossom series will grow on you, we’re certain!


Create a cozy space with the Heart series

The Heart series is a great way to bring a warm feeling to a space while maintaining a classic, black and white color scheme. The repeating heart shapes will create a coziness and help you spread the love in style.


Each one of these patterns can be customized to perfectly fit your space and design ideas. With so many patterns as well as glossy and matte options to choose from, the mosaic series by ANT Tile are sure to impress.

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