Twin Cities New Tile Product Spotlight: Realstone Systems at Rubble Tile


Twin Cities New Tile Product Spotlight: Realstone Systems at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile is excited to spotlight a new product line from Realstone Systems. Realstone offers a variety of high quality natural stone products, including wall and flooring panels, tiles and accessories. Their products come in a range of styles, sizes, and color tones, and are perfect for bringing the solid, contemporary style of stone to any design project.

One unique quality of Realstone’s panels is that, rather than having interlocking edges, they use straight edges, so that your panels can be installed without anyone being able to see where one panel ends and the other begins. Their high standards and meticulous attention to visual details are paramount to Realstone Systems, and their superior quality is evident.

Realstone Collection Panels


Realstone has gathered a sampling of some of the most beautiful natural stone in the world for their Realstone Collection. These natural materials have been curated so that each exquisite panel utilizes pattern and color combinations that are only available from Realstone.  Because of Realstone’s keen eye for detail and exacting standards, these stones are collected from around the globe and honed to sleek, stylish perfection.

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Shadowstone Panels


Shadowstone is the most popular profile from Realstone. With a vast color palette and soft variations in tonal depth, these panels have a rich texture and cast just the right amount of eye-catching shadows. These rich, refined panels bring a smooth finish to any project, indoors or outside.

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Thinstone Panels


Thinstone panels represent the contemporary efforts of Realstone’s designs. The panels, made from slate, quartzite, or sandstone, are composed of ultra thin slices that lend a delicate beauty to the natural strength of the stone. They blend together to produce a highly refined textured effect. Thinstone is available in a split face Shadowstone and a unique angled cut profile.

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Alesio Panels


The Alesio Collection is the newest addition to Realstone’s product offerings. This unique offering includes a new wood look of Spalted Oak as well as the refined tones of Creme and Smoky Beige, and everything in between. With the latest addition of Alesio, Realstone brings the beauty of all aspects of nature into your designs.

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Green Tiles, High Quality & Standards

Realstone specializes in meticulous standards and details that are apparent in the high quality and beauty of their tiles. Each piece is put through a 26 step quality control test to ensure that Realstone’s high standards are upheld in everything they create. Simplicity in installation and maintenance is also vital to Realstone’s philosophy.

Their products are portable and durable, and are easy to transport on job sites, unlike other brands of stone tiles which can be excessively bulky and difficult to install. Realstone also ensures that there is no excessive flaking, or shaling, of their products, which is a common industry issue.

On top of all of this, Realstone puts in a concerted effort to care for the environment by constructing their pieces from recycled content from other stone products. These green efforts are yet another added bonus of using Realstone Systems for your next design project!

See more Realstone Systems and use their Visualizer tool to see how these products will look in your space.

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