AlysEdwards Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Display in the Twin Cities

AlysEdwards Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Display in the Twin Cities


Now is the perfect time to head over to the showroom at Rubble Tile! Come see the Abitare La Terra collection from AlysEdwards. The collection, whose name translates to Inhabit the Earth, utilizes rich natural tones and is available in twelve colors of ceramic wall tile and eight colors of porcelain field tile.

Color options for 2.5×8 ceramic wall tile

With all of these options, as well as three different sizes, this stylish collection has almost as much variation as its inspiration–nature itself.

Choose Your Own Porcelain & Ceramic Adventure

There are countless ways to customize your designs with the Abitare collection. The small ceramic wall tiles can be set in a simple, straight layout, or can be placed at angles to create eye catching and original patterns. Go monochromatic for a strong, sophisticated look, or pick two or more colors to create fun and funky visuals that can span whole walls or function as an accent in any space.

Fun, multi-colored design possibilities

The glimmering shine of the ceramic wall tile in this collection is balanced by the more matte, brushed tones of the two porcelain field tile sizes. Both the larger format 8″x32″ and the 2.5″x 16″ porcelain field tiles are available in a range of eight nature inspired tones with names like Grafite, Manganese, and Oleastro.

Porcelain color options in 2.5″x l6″

These, too, can be laid out in straight rows or angles, and in solitary tones or mixed and matched color combinations. With the Arbitare collection, the possibilities are truly endless!

Tone and texture detail

Arbitare La Terra at Rubble Tile

The details of this collection are so various and unique that it’s almost impossible to capture them all in a blog article. That is why we are thrilled to have samples on display in our showroom at Rubble Tile. The wide selection of nature-inspired tones, as well as the sizes and installation possibilities have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Layout detail

Whether you are looking for a wall accent or a creative, colorful floor layout, this collection has endless possibilities. Just like visiting nature itself, you may see something you never could have imagined , and you just might find that necessary spark of inspiration! Come visit our showroom to get some fresh new ideas for your next design project.

Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.