Twin Cities Tile Spotlight on Italian Wall Tile Series by AlysEdwards

Twin Cities Tile Spotlight on Italian Wall Tile Series by AlysEdwards

There is something so calming about a clean, modern space. When all of the noise from the outside world becomes overwhelming, we can seek refuge in a quiet, peaceful, well-designed room. The Shape wall tile series from AlysEdwards goes a long way in creating gorgeous, relaxing modern designs.



Angle detail


Depth in White Ceramic Tiles

The Shape series consists of Italian-made, all-white, glazed ceramic tiles in two different patterns. The patterns– Angle Design and Mesh Design–are a larger format, architectural size of 16″x32″ and create stunning shapes when laid out. Both patterns have a matte finish with a smooth, sophisticated look for any space.

Mesh design detail

The Shape series is for walls only, and is perfect in kitchens and bathrooms, especially as a shower feature. But its neutral white color is versatile enough for any room you might be decorating with relaxation and peace in mind.

Wall Tiles That Are Durable & Versatile

It is truly remarkable how versatile a series with one color and two patterns can be. Because AlysEdwards has kept the Shape series so simple, these Italian ceramic tiles have the ability to take on whatever characteristics are present around them. Their clean, modern design pairs well with any color scheme.

Mesh design in dining area

This series is also uniquely durable. It is physically strong and resists breakage, as well as being chemical resistant and water repellent, which are both qualities that make the Shape series an excellent choice for a bathroom wall tile. It can also be used in commercial spaces to create a vibe that will soothe customers, patrons, and employees alike.

No matter what kind of wall the Shape series graces, the space will be transformed into somewhere soft and warm, relaxing and reassuring.


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