Dreaming of Summer with Rubble’s BluWhale Tile Collection

Dreaming of Summer with Rubble’s BluWhale Tile Collection

Is there a better time to start dreaming of lounging by the pool than in the beginning of February? Winter may be in full swing, but there is no time like the present to start thinking about blue skies and smooth sailing. With newly arrived BluWhale pool tiles at the Rubble showroom, we’ve been doing just that. The Triangle collection by BluWhale is currently on display, and is sure to get you excited for the warmer months to come.

Solid mosaic detail



Porcelain Pool Tiles

The Triangle collection is definitely not just for pools. It is versatile enough to be used as a floor or wall tile throughout the house, and its waterproof nature works especially well as a bathroom tile. The 2.36”x1.65” porcelain tiles are available on 10.2″x10.2″ sheets, giving you room to play. The glossy finish and soothing shades of blue can be laid out to cover large areas, or employed as a backsplash for a mix of shine, color, and pattern.

Triangle series solid color options

The collection comes in seven pleasing shades of blue, ranging from a deep navy to the sky’s color on a calm, sunny day. These can be laid out as one solid shade, or you can pick from BluWhale’s gorgeous patterns to create eye catching effects that look amazing both under the water and above it.

Solid mosaic layout


Creative Colors & Patterns

If you are looking for a more dynamic effect, try selecting one of the Triangle series’ many pattern layouts. Ranging from simple, with two colors of tile, to more complex, using three colors, there is a pattern available for whatever design project you have in mind.

Blossom pattern layout

The patterned mosaics of the Triangle series create eye-catching, geometric designs that enhance your space in the pursuit of beauty. When used as a pool tile these patterns catch the light that filters through the water and become even more dazzling. If laid out as a bathroom wall tile, or on the floor in a changing room or hallway the glossy finish and sharp edges are crystal clear, and captivating.

Windmill pattern layout

The solid mosaics of the Triangle series create a sophisticated, soothing space in which to relax. The many different patterns give you the option to cultivate an atmosphere of fun and excitement, as well as beauty and luxury. No matter where you put them, or how you use them, the tiles in the Triangle Series have enough versatility to give you just the look you need.

Put on your winter boots and come down to our showroom to start getting ready for summer today!

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