Twin Cities Tile Display: Glazed Porcelain Stoneware by Ragno


Twin Cities Tile Display: Glazed Porcelain Stoneware by Ragno

If you are the kind of shopper who likes to see and feel a product in real life, or a decisive person who is ready to make a purchase and walk out with your tile that same day, we have some great news straight from the Rubble Tile showroom. We now have Ragno’s Citywide collection of glazed porcelain stoneware on display and in stock!

Citywide in off white and grey

This modern, softly structured, large format collection is gorgeous and incredibly affordable. You may end up visiting our showroom just to take a look and walking out with brand new tile for your upcoming design project!

Three Colors on Display at Rubble Tile

In our showroom you’ll find the Citywide collection, 12”x24” glazed porcelain stoneware in off white, beige, and grey. These cool neutral tones are a versatile style element, and can be employed equally as a soothing background tone or as a focal point for residential, hospitality, and commercial installations.

Clockwise from top left: Citywide in off white, beige, and grey

They also function as both floor and wall tiles, so you can choose just how you’d like to use them in your space. And, like many Ragno products, Citywide is made from pre-consumer recycled content, so you can feel good about your choice with this collection.

The Citywide collection is a result of the synthesis of Belgium’s renowned natural stone with a modern concrete look. Each piece has the subtle texture of stone, which draws the viewer’s eye and creates layers of depth in your designs.

A sneak peek inside our showroom

Walk In and Walk Out With New Tile Today

Perhaps the best thing about our display room at Rubble is that it gives you the opportunity to get a good look at our tile offerings. There is no substitute for getting the feel for a design product in real life before you commit to it, and our showroom strives to ensure that you are a fully informed consumer.

Ragno’s Citywide collection is a durable, high quality product that absolutely won’t break the bank. In fact, it is so affordable and versatile–not to mention stunning!–that you can walk into our showroom, view the Citywide installation, envision it in your design dreams, and go home with it that very same day, while feeling good about the price.

It’s hard to pass up this opportunity to view a truly great collection from one of our favorite suppliers. Come down to the Rubble showroom today and see for yourself!

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*Photos Courtesy of Dal-Elit, LLC, a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.