Tile Spotlight on Twin Cities Designer Rena Feldman of INVIEW Interior Design


Tile Spotlight on Twin Cities Designer Rena Feldman of INVIEW Interior Design

– Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Lee Photography

This month, we are excited to spotlight a new design project that uses a Rubble Tile product, the Terra Tones collection by Mosa. This modern bathroom was designed by ASID member Rena Feldman, the designer behind INVIEW Interior Design.

We are so impressed by Rena’s work, and are thrilled that Mosa’s gorgeous collection is a part of this project.

Detail of Terra Tones- photo by Alyssa Lee Photography


Small Space, Powerful Design by INVIEW

INVIEW Interior Design was tasked with remodeling the loft bathroom in a local condominium. The main challenges here were the limited space, and the existing restrictions and regulations of the condo building. Rena’s design beautifully overcomes these potential difficulties to create a space that is modern, soft, and masculine.

More Terra Tones detail in shower- photo by Alyssa Lee Photography

According to Rena, Mosa’s Terra Tones collection has the depth and the style to fit both the space restrictions and her client’s personal taste. Read her statement on why Terra Tones was her tile of choice for this design project:

Terra Tones was a perfect solution for this project. Its unique play on different shades gave us an
opportunity to create an interesting texture without being overwhelming. Combining two different
sizes of tile allowed us to add another dimension to the walls. Masculine yet warm was exactly what
the client was looking for in this loft bathroom remodel. Having an experience of working with this
product before, I was familiar with its durability and ease of handling and maintenance.


The image at the top of this page is another example of how Rena used Terra Tones in this bathroom, and was shot by Alyssa Lee Photography. If you would like to learn more about Rena Feldman and INVIEW Interior Design, click here.

Terra Tones size & color variations. Photo courtesy of Mosa


About Terra Tones by Mosa

Terra Tones is a pure porcelain classic tile with a powdery matte finish. What makes Terra Tones truly unique is the way this collection plays with different shades.

The collection is available in four different colors, each with three individual shades. This variance in shades creates an eye-catching depth that modernizes and livens up the neutral tones.

Play with light and size with Terra Tones. Photo courtesy of Mosa

Terra Tones also comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from 2″x24″ to 24″x48″, with many sizes in between. The ability to mix and match these different sizes creates yet another layer of visual depth to this already stunning collection.

If you are planning a new design project, consider the Terra Tones collection.

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