The Pratt & Larson Ceramic Scraffito Collection at Rubble Tile

The Pratt & Larson Ceramic Scraffito Collection at Rubble Tile

For our last post in the month of March we’d like to highlight the Scraffito Collection by Pratt & Larson. This handmade ceramic collection uses the ancient Italian technique of scraffito (or sgraffito) to create patterns with remarkable detail and contrasting colors.

This impeccable tile imbues spaces with the beauty of history, and the painstaking effort put into the details of its design and execution makes it even more special.

 Scraffito Collection by Pratt & Larson.

Hand-carved detail in metallics


Intricate Ceramic Tiles With Historic Style

The Scraffito collection is inspired by the ancient technique of scraffito, in which a surface layer is scratched to reveal a base of a contrasting color. The Italian Renaissance painter, Raphael, employed it to decorate palace facades in Rome. Pratt & Larson is helping to revive this old world method today with their own modern twist.

Hand drawing of Scraffito patterns Pratt and Larson

Hand drawing of Scraffito patterns E and F


Each pattern in the Scraffito collection is an original design, carved by hand. This human touch gives the collection a beautiful, drawn quality rarely captured in ceramic tile. When you place these field tiles together they create stunning overall patterns.


Pratt & Larson’s Many Pattern, Size & Color Choices

Scraffito is available in eight different hand-scored patterns, which are labeled with numbers A-H.  The patterns E, F, G, and H are new introductions to the collection. Each relief design has its own texture and feel, and all of them have a finish that is incredibly rich and decadent.

Scraffito patterns Pratt and Larson

Hand drawing of Scraffito patterns G and H


New designs E-H are available in 5″x10″ field tiles, and designs A-D are available in both 5″x10″ and 8″x8.” Each of the eight designs may be ordered in any of Pratt & Larson’s over 300 standard colors or hand painted using their Polywash technique. With this many designs and hundreds of color options to choose from, you can create any look that you want with Scraffito.



Scraffito shower detail


With its designs that are direct descendants of Roman palaces from the Italian Renaissance era, Pratt & Larson’s Scraffito collection is the epitome of luxuriance and lavishness. These hand-carved ceramic tiles, available in 300 different colors, will add a textured opulence to your designs.

Perfect for residential, commercial, or luxury spaces, the Scraffito collection lets you incorporate a touch of art and history into any space.

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*All photos courtesy of Pratt & Larson


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