Rubble Tile Around Town: Mosa Tiles in Minneapolis’s Cardigan Donuts

Rubble Tile Around Town: Mosa Tiles in Minneapolis’s Cardigan Donuts

If you are looking for a sweet treat and some design inspiration this Spring, look no further than Cardigan Donuts in Downtown Minneapolis. You can stop by for a delicious dessert and check out a creative design by Smart Associates and installation by Harrison Tile that features tiles by Mosa.

Mosa Colors Oriental Blue in Cardigan Donuts

Creative & Unique Tile Design

Smart Associates was tasked with creating a unique design for Cardigan Donuts that stayed true to their brand. In a stylish and quirky riff on the argyle cardigan, they managed to create an argyle pattern on the walls using tiles from multiple Mosa collections. Smart Associates is a Minneapolis interior and architectural design studio that works within any budget to create unique, functional spaces that captivate guests.

Mosa Global Pearl White & Colors Pompeiian Red

Jim Smart, President of Smart Associates believes that “design should reach beyond the trend, floor plans and color schemes.” That’s why this design uses Mosa tile to create a multi-faceted look that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also conceptually clever. At the same time, the tile’s functionality and durability meet Mosa’s always high quality standards.

View of all Mosa products used in Cardigan Donuts

Mosa Colors Series & Global Collection

The design for Cardigan Donuts highlights tiles from two distinct Mosa collections: the Colors Series and the Global Collection. Two selections from the Colors Series palette–Oriental Blue and Pompeiian Red–create punches of saturated color, while Pearl White from the Global Series is used to background the bright red and create an argyle pattern.

Color in Pompeiian Red

The Color Series is an exciting offering by Mosa that features fifty bright and muted colors on glossy tile to make your designs pop. Mosa even offers to create custom colors if you’re looking for something outside of their fifty shades. The series can be installed in a horizontal, vertical, or–like at Cardigan Donuts–diagonal layout. These glazed wall tiles come in a variety of sizes, but this design uses the 6×6″ version.

Global in Pearl White (foreground) and Color in Oriental Blue (background)

The Global Collection is available in over forty colors, six shades of white, and two textures: gloss and satin matte. In addition, you can choose from eighteen select floor tiles in plain, fine, or coarse speckled looks. With all of these options, this is a truly versatile collection that pairs perfectly with the versatility of the Color Series.

The durable Global Collection is available in six different square and rectangle sizes, ranging from 4×4″ to 12×12″. Cardigan Donuts uses the Pearl White in a gloss 6×6″ square.

The range of sizes and colors in both Mosa collections gives designers the freedom to create full walls or floors of any color under the sun, or to create a nearly infinite variety of patterns. The clever design at Cardigan Donuts is just a taste of how these two series offer designers complete creative and imaginative possibilities.

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