From Italy to Rubble Tile: Mediterranea’s Loom Collection


From Italy to Rubble Tile: Mediterranea’s Loom Collection

For the past 30 years, Mediterranea has brought designs from Italy all the way to the U.S. with stunning quality. Using high definition inkjet imaging, they create ceramic & porcelain products that appeal to the American architectural and design communities. With up to 40% of the content being recycled, they care about where their art comes from as much as what it looks like. And for this new collection, they’re digging deep into the roots of history for inspiration. How deep? Over 700 years ago, to the birth of the loom.

The loom is the crux that evolved the art of weaving, and is so embedded in cultures around the world that the ancient Greeks and Mayans believed destinies and dreams were woven from this miraculous machine. Despite other advancements in technology, the loom has withstood the test of time into the modern day, still producing trends that show up on fashion runways.

Mediterranea has found their muse in the loom, and is proud to bring you their new Loom Series. On display at Rubble Tile, Mediterranea has paid tribute to the zenith of fine fabric graphics with a brand new 7 color palette that fits into any fine commercial or residential project. With the myriad of combinations available, you can use the Loom Series to weave your own dream designs.


Cotton (floor) / Silk & Velvet (wall)


Ceramic & Porcelain Masterpieces in Many Sizes

Mediterranea understands that in order to build your vision, you need versatile options. The Loom Series comes in three different sizes and shapes in order to fit your needs, whether it’s for floors or walls.

The ceramic wall tiles come in a 4″ x 12″ size, while the porcelain floor tiles are a 12″ x 24″. In addition, the Loom Series has 2″ x 2″ mosaic tiles and a 3″ x 24″ bullnose. Boasting flexibility in both size and shape, your choices for how to bring these fabric-inspired designs into your project are limited only by your imagination.


Wool (wall)


Loom’s Colors Replicate Quality Fabrics

The color options for the Loom Series highlight the homage to its namesake. All of them are painstakingly made to look like the fabrics they’re inspired by, bringing the visual appeal into a perfect marriage with the smooth touch of the tile.

The U.S.-made floor tiles come in six colors: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Suede, Velvet and Wool. These colors are delicately softened compared to their wall counterparts. The wall tiles, made in Italy, come in the same six colors plus one more: Denim. These ceramic tiles are high glaze and perfect for making a statement on bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes and accent walls. In concert with the floor tiles, the unique and precisely produced Loom Series comes together with immaculate coordination and plentiful permutations of color.


Silk (floor) / Linen & Denim (wall)


Mediterranea’s Loom Series at Rubble Tile

Viewing these designs on a monitor does not do the glaze justice, and seeing is believing. The Loom Series can be found on display at Rubble Tile, so you can see for yourself the evocative imagery of the loom. By visiting Mediterranea’s website, you can learn more about this opulent collection.

It’s taken centuries for the loom to be properly honored in present times, but you don’t have to wait long to own these tiles yourself.

Cotton (floor) / Denim & Cotton (wall)

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