Rubble Tile Presents Ragno’s Patina & Upcoming Events

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Rubble Tile Presents Ragno’s Patina & Upcoming Events

It’s often said that true art is incomprehensible, beyond classification, and that the greatest works are open to interpretation and yet commonly revered all the same. With its unique make, Patina is a truly singular collection of tiles from Ragno that defies category, making it a perfect cornerstone to use for your next artistic masterpiece.


Tiles With A Waxed Iridescent Effect


What sets Patina apart from other tiles? Sure, it’s made from high quality commercial grade porcelain that’s durable and requires little maintenance, but that’s something Ragno offers in spades with other products. The trait that makes Patina one of a kind is its sophisticated glaze. Patina is a refined, wholly original version of a porcelain surface with a waxed appearance that can appear like iridescent glints of metal, worn resin or smoothly aged terra cotta, depending on the color.


The Design Advantages of Patina’s Iridescent Tiles

The graduated color palette, which alternates between neutral shades and brighter hues, allows for the various shades to be mixed with other materials. For instance, the collection’s metallic iridescence blends naturally with certain limestones and marbles.

Along with the timeworn look of the glaze, Patina exudes a chic industrial aesthetic that pops fantastically in modern lofts, restaurants or even hotel lobbies. Large surfaces, water jet designs or stone mosaics can serve to bolster  the design potential and expressive scope of Patina.

With a budget-friendly price point that allows designers to complement Patina with materials such as stone mosaics and ceramic or glass tile that can cost more per square foot, you won’t break the bank making an individualized project.

Rubble Tile is currently displaying Patina and has the Cera, Cognac, Crema and Petrolio colors in stock and ready for your artistic endeavors.


Ragno Patina Crema

*Photos Courtesy of Dal-Elit, LLC, a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Visit Rubble Tile’s Booth At Minnecon!

minnecon at target fieldOn July 24th at Target Field, the International Interior Designers Association will be hosting the 11th annual Minnecon, a celebration of the standout interior designers and the discussion of the craft we are so passionate about.

The theme this year is wellness and there will be educational programs, student events, networking opportunities and more!

We at Rubble Tile will have our very own booth this year, and we’d love to invite you to visit us at this gathering of like minds!

Come To Rubble Tile’s BBQ Event!

July is the hottest month of the year, and the most stylish way to beat that heat and sate your appetite is with a barbecue! On July 25th from 11 Am to 1 PM we will be hosting a BBQ at our Rubble Warehouse located at 7201 West Lake Street.

This event is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for good conversations with experts in the industry and quality food to match, click here to RSVP.




Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.