Rubble Tile and Original Style Present: King’s Highway

white subway tile minneapolis

Rubble Tile and Original Style Present: King’s Highway

In South Minneapolis, there is a 1930 Tudor house, with a hint of Mediterranean flavor, owned by the designer Carolyn Mitchell of Carolyn Mitchell Interiors. The house was in need of some major design work and modernization before its 100th birthday came up. That’s where Original Style came into play.

They offer a program that gives designers a healthy discount on materials used for projects in their own home, so it wasn’t a surprise that Carolyn would go to well-reputed Original Style for her tile project. Utilizing the Artworks, Core and Odyssey Collections, Carolyn went on to create a harmonious combination of patterns and materials that serves as a testament to Original Style’s design ideals.

Along with contractor, Awad + Koontz Architects Builders, and installer, Dennis Oliver of Fusion Tile, Carolyn’s project aimed to update bathrooms that were filled with 4″ x 4″ tiles and intricate Art Deco detailing, but with outdated color schemes of yellow and green or lime green and pink.

The result was a remastered home space so beautiful that it has to been seen to be believed. Its name? King’s Highway.


Guest Suite: Artworks Westminster Grey subway tile, Odyssey Romanesque Grey & Black on White floor tile


Original Style subway tile minneapolis

Core Collection White subway tile, quarter round, and capping moulding; White honeycomb hexagon (with Avanti Black hexagons set in for pattern)



Core Collection Black subway tile, quarter round, and capping moulding; White honeycomb hexagon


Master and Shared Bathrooms Featuring the Core Collection

When Original Style created the range for their American-specific Core Collection, they asked themselves one driving question: what are the key elements people consider when choosing tiles for their bathroom and kitchens? By going back to the basics, Core boasts a neutral coordinating color palette, a carefully selected number of complementary pieces, and a competitive price for such a high level of quality. This grouping of simple yet powerful traits makes selecting from the Core collection enjoyable rather than stressful.

The entire Core Collection is based around the subway tile for a timeless look, coming in three different sized bricks (with bevel options), three mouldings, four different colors and a crackle finish.

Carolyn opted to use Core’s white subway tile alongside quarter round and capping mouldings in her master bathroom, as well as a white honeycomb hexagon with Avanti black hexagons set in for the pattern.

Her shared bathroom contains Core’s black subway tile and trim, with white honeycomb hexagon yet again. The immaculate lines of the Core Collection are evident throughout, making the patterns pop within the flow of the space. Core is elegant in its simplicity, giving you peace of mind just by standing in its modest splendor.

White subway tile

Master Bath


Artworks and Odyssey Collections in the Guest Bath

When it came to the guest suite, Carolyn wanted something that spoke to the Mediterranean feel of the house without going over the top. To that end, she wisely combined elements from both the Artworks and Odyssey Collections into a smooth mix that gathers your attention in all the right ways.

Artworks is inspired by imagery from the Renaissance, Regency and Victorian eras, which in turn were inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The collection is a culmination of research dedicated to creating consistent reproductions of vivid colors and precise details from classic eras of design.

On the other hand, rather than taking you on a journey through time, the Odyssey Collection invites you on a trip around the world. Odyssey uses the journeys of discovery one can find on faraway travels as its muse. The collection is akin to decorating your project with memories of globe-sprawling expeditions. Shapes, patterns and colors of Moorish designs can be seen on the tiling, heavily influenced by the Alhambra Palace in Spain, where ceramic tiles rule over everything else.

The guest suite is a marriage of the Westminster Grey subway tiles in the Artworks Collection and the Romanesque Grey and Black on White floor tile from the Odyssey Collection. The result is a unique blend of clean lines and a classic look that will remain fresh over time.



Guest Suite


Original Style is a Designer’s Toolbox

“There was no continuity or design direction in the house. While our goal was certainly to modernize, it was just as important to us to make the entire house ‘whole’ again.  Using similar tile in the different bathrooms got us to that end goal.  Original Style’s tile fit the look we were going for.”  – Carolyn Mitchell

Original Style has fabulous ceramic designs, clean line work, and flexible collections great for farmhouse looks, Art Deco and more. It’s a no-brainer why Carolyn chose it to create King’s Highway. The classic appeal matches the Tudor house’s era and Mediterranean hints, while still being modern enough for a refreshing look. On top of that, the discount given to designers who use Original Style for their own home is very generous – yet another perk for choosing Original Style and Rubble Tile.

Carolyn made a great call selecting Original Style, and now you can too. The Artworks, Core and Odyssey Collections are all available at Rubble Tile, so don’t wait to begin piecing together the design mix of your dreams.



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