Rubble Tile Presents: Fuse and the Murals Collection From Mosa

Rubble Tile Presents: Fuse and the Murals Collection From Mosa

A mural is defined as a work of art executed directly onto a wall. That definition makes it clear why Mosa was inspired to name their new collection Murals, and we couldn’t agree more. Just like applying paint to a canvas, installing this delicately comprised collection of colors, formats, finishes and textures to architecture creates an immersive sense of harmony – as though it was meant to be there all along.

The subtle strength of Murals is the ability to design what you wish with it while complementing the architecture it’s attached to, creating a seamless synergy of surface and ceramics.



Mosa Murals At Rubble Tile: Four Options Are All You’ll Need

There are four series of tiles that are within the Murals collection, and while each option is clearly unique from one another, they all draw from the same design principles. That common root allows them to be mixed and matched as you see fit, often creating unforeseen patterns and combinations that naturally work together for a beautiful result.

With just four series, any designer has a deep toolbox filled the appealing ceramic palette that is Murals.



The Fuse Series


The four series of Murals all have different glazes yet still work in unison. They are:

  • Blend  
    • Blend is best at color blocking and designing with different tones.
  • Change
    • Change adds interest with a shift of color or sheen on each tile.
  • Fuse (New!)
    • Fuse, the focus of our article, sports the impression of movement through color gradations.
  • Lines
    • Lines naturally integrates into a surface’s geometric structure.




Mosa Murals – Lines



Fuse, The Tile That Moves While Standing Still

‘Lively’ and ‘interactive’ are two words that help define the Fuse series.  Fuse’s glaze and variation in tone appear to fluidly change color, depending on the perception of its beholder. This spatial experience draws you into the visual with its animated effect.

The trick behind this visual magic is a mix of soft color gradations and different tone variations that subconsciously conjures the illusion of movement.

The range of choice between color and tile formats makes Fuse ready to adapt to a multitude of configurations, from subtler styles to the more eclectically pronounced. Rubble Tile has Fuse on display now, so you can can get started on morphing your project into a celebration of color and motion today.




The Fuse series uses the same color palette as Murals Blend, so a nearly infinite number of combinations and are passible. In fact, the entire Murals collection was designed to facilitate mixing the different series in one project, and the addition of Fuse only adds to the possibilities.


Mosa’s Design Tool, The Pattern Generator

Sometimes, even the most talented designers run into difficulty bringing the visuals in their head into reality. Whether you come across that issue, you want to experiment, or you’re just looking for ideas, Mosa’s Pattern Generator is the tool for you.

This handy program allows you to preview what your desired pattern might look like by allowing you to cycle through different tiles, color combinations, and sizes from a wide selection of choices. Using the Pattern Generator can save you time and stress just by seeing the result of your imagination in full before you completely commit. If you’re unsure of what to do with your myriad of options, check out the Pattern Generator to give yourself some peace of mind.

Come to the Rubble Tile showroom to see all four series of Murals in person, or contact us for more information.


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