Rubble Tile’s Origami from AlysEdwards: Ancient Tradition, Contemporary Design

Rubble Tile’s Origami from AlysEdwards: Ancient Tradition, Contemporary Design

Paper is much more than a canvas to create upon. It can become art on its own, bending and folding into new ideas that go beyond what can be placed on its surface.

The art of paper folding, known as origami, takes that concept and turns it into a genre that people of all ages participate in to this day. It can be simple, it can be complex, and no matter what it is so much more than what it started as.



The fantastic designers at AlysEdwards have taken this concept and formed it into a design-forward, chic new aesthetic. Now their tiles have become an art unto themselves that transform the spaces where they’re installed into sophisticated looks that pop. That striking quality is the driving force behind their new line of tiles, the Origami Collection.



The Stylings of AlysEdwards

Known as innovative and slightly irreverent in the tile world, AlysEdwards still believes in an all-around high level of quality. Quality product, quality service and quality of life are the tenets they strive to uphold in their work and products.

AlysEdwards works hard to put forth exceptional products and service, but they find time to play as well. They keep it light, preferring to make your tiling experience a breezy adventure instead of a stressful bore. An unconventionally lighthearted naming scheme for their tiles is something they tout, and with names like Bubblicious or Kiss My Big Fat Glass among their many collections, it’s hard not to smile thinking about it.

The Elegance of Origami is Now Available at Rubble Tile

Like its namesake, Origami gives you a simple fundamental tool with which you can create a myriad of looks. The ceramic wall tile comes in hex with a dimensional surface or a smooth hex field tile, with the option of glitter deco if you’re going for something showier.

The dimensional design gives the illusion of a folded look, just like the origami it’s based on, while the eye-catching way in which light refracts off the surfaces offers a dynamic feel to any installation.

With Bianco (White) and Nero (Black) color options, you have a surplus of patterns to create with just a few select pieces, keeping your choices simple yet potentially endless.

The matte bases and patterns for the Bianco and Nero colors, as well as the Stella Glitter Deco, all come in 9″ x 10.5″ hexagons.

Hexes are trendy yet rich with tiling history, making them a timeless classic that will leave your installation looking modern for years to come.



With so many possibilities of mixing and matching the blacks, whites, flat and dimensional options, you can work with Rubble’s showroom staff to help you make the right selection for your project. Take the canvas you’re given, and turn it into art of your own with the Origami collection today.

Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.