Original Style’s Winchester Elements Collection Now at Rubble Tile

Original Style’s Winchester Elements Collection Now at Rubble Tile

We’ve been both huge fans and happy partners with Original Style for some time now, and through that we’ve had the pleasure of watching their designs and products evolve. Original Style knows that trends are never set in stone. They’re amorphous and ever changing, so Original Style evolves to enhance the design vision of their customers, constantly improving themselves in the process.

Recently, they’ve decided to look back at their well-regarded Winchester Collection, consisting of the Artisan, Classic and Residence ranges. While the collection is great on its own, they’ve never been the type to rest on their design laurels. With the passion to build on the past, Original Style decided to complement their collection and keep up with trends by introducing something new. The result? The phenomenal Winchester Elements.


Origin Cloud – Smooth


Panorama Tundra

The Winchester Elements Collection at Rubble Tile

What sets Elements apart from the rest of the Winchester Collection? For starters, it’s all based around English brick tiles. Brick is not only a timeless classic with long staying power in any project, it’s also trending right now.

It’s rare to find a balance of tile that keeps up with the times while still having the capacity to look good years from now, but Winchester Elements performs that balancing act admirably.

The other aspect of these ceramic brick tiles that gives them a unique flavor is their naturally uneven surfaces. Still smooth to the touch, the handmade nature of the tiles is a tangible sensation that’s as much a pleasure to feel as it is to see. Elements comes in two collections, Origin and Panorama, that are both a sight to behold.

The Origin and Panorama Collections

Origin Shell – Smooth

The Origin collection manages to capture the essence of looking modern and classic simultaneously, which is no small feat. It’s all about texture in this collection, as Winchester understands that touch is just as important of a sense as sight when it comes to choosing the right tile for you.

Each of these artisanal tiles comes in five neutral tones: Frost, Sand, Cloud, Shell and Smoke, all in appealing brick sizes. You can choose between a smooth finish for a more subtle texture, or a rustic one for a truly unique feel. Regardless of your choice, their immutable nature looks like a gentle dream in kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

Panorama Cove

The Panorama collection goes to the other extreme, coming in gloriously glossy shades. Their surfaces undulate with an intense depth of color, rich enough to evoke a happy feeling on sight without overtaking your senses entirely.

The glazes are still soft enough that you can catch a hint of  the bisque in each layer, providing an artisanal speckled look. Inspired by the striking color of the English countryside, Panorama comes in a bewildering 14 shades, ranging from earthy greens, warm browns and seaside blues.

The Tor, Quarry, Moor, Spring, Rockpool, Stream, Cove, Reef, Pasture, Meadow, Tundra, Shore, Dale and Cliff colors all add remarkable depth and shine to interior projects like condos and lofts, as well as commercial projects such as hotels and restaurants.

These fantastic new Rubble Tile collections are a perfect complement to any number of projects. If you feel the subtle tones of Origins or the stunning color of Panorama calling you, don’t hesitate to add them to your next project. Answer that call.

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*Photos Courtesy of The Winchester Tile Company







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