ADEX USA’s Earth Collection On Display at Rubble Tile

ADEX USA’s Earth Collection On Display at Rubble Tile

At Rubble Tile we know that a bit of design flourish is a guaranteed way to catch someone’s eye, and yet too much of a good thing can become loud and overcrowded.

Boldness gathers attention, but a simple presentation goes a long way. Simplicity and craftsmanship are timeless, they always have a place, and sometimes they’re exactly what you need. With their new rustic, yet sophisticated, Earth collection, ADEX USA perfectly captures this approach.


ADEX, A Company Rooted In Heritage

One thing every company needs to become reputable is a pedigree, and ADEX has this in spades. Founded in 1897, the history of this company began in Castellón, Spain. To help preserve their history, ADEX has held onto their original building, El Siglo, as well as the original signage outside as a proud reminder of their roots.

As time went on and ADEX expanded their reach throughout Europe, the demand for a North American market gave birth to ADEX USA in 1996. Now, their North American operation has distribution centers in Florida, California and New Jersey.

Despite their ever-expanding presence, ADEX has not forgotten where it came from. The company remains a family-owned business, currently in the hands of the fourth generation and setting the stage for a fifth.


No matter whether the installation is for a massive hospital or small kitchen backsplash, ADEX continues to deliver its fine-tuned attention to all levels of tile production. This is a pedigree you can trust.

The Matte-Crackle Earth Collection at Rubble Tile

Boasting a semi-matte crackled glaze and a flexible color palette, the Earth Collection takes a simple, strong concept and gives it the potential to expand into limitless designs.

The way they’re fired up in the kiln gives these ceramic tiles a crackled glaze with fine lines of crazing, providing a delicately organic and one-of-a-kind quality to each tile.


There are options within the collection for smooth, textured or raised patterns.

Between the textures and the crackled glazes, each tile possesses its own variation in look and feel, enhancing the beauty of the Earth Collection.

The field tiles come in the trending-yet-classic 3″ x 6″ subway as well as a 3″ x 12″ brick shape, and both have wave or textured options. Contact us for more details!

Dimensional inserts and finishing touches from baseboards to crown moldings allow any project to complete its look in a way tailored to suit your needs.


The Earth Collection comes in Navajo White, Fawn, Ash Gray and Morning Sky colors, perfect for a traditional, contemporary or rustic installation.

ADEX may be over a century old, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to get your hands on the Earth Collection. Rubble Tile has it on display and available now for you to complete the look you’re going for.




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