Pratt & Larson’s Quick-Ship Brownstone Collection at Rubble Tile


Pratt & Larson’s Quick-Ship Brownstone Collection at Rubble Tile

If you’re designing a project, you aren’t looking for a fleeting dream. You’re looking for beautiful craftsmanship. But also you need something meant to last, with a tile pedigree that is second to none. When it comes to the test of time, few companies are as strong as Pratt & Larson. And when you want timeless-yet-trending tile, look no further than their Brownstone Collection.


The Inner Workings Of Pratt & Larson

Founded in Portland, Oregon, Pratt & Larson has been hard at work since 1982. Headed by husband and wife founders Michael Pratt and Reta Larson, the company honed its business style alongside its pottery and textiles skills. Despite trends changing around them, their philosophy is the same: create beautiful products and stay responsible to employees and customers. P&L takes great care with everything they do, and their process of creation has teams for every step of the way.


From left to right: Michael Pratt, Reta Larson, Belle, Anthony


Just last year, longtime employees Anthony and Belle bought the company. Although it switched hands, P&L operates and design products just like before. No shifts can change their well-rooted business style, and today they’re running as smoothly as ever. Their products are always in demand, and they only let the most trusted dealers handle their work. You can find their tiles at their showroom in Portland, Oregon, or in the hands of dealer partners like Rubble Tile!


Brownstone’s Back To The Basics

Matte Cool Grey – Smooth

Its name evokes images of the stately, weathered brownstones of an earlier era. The Brownstone Collection shows that strong fundamentals withstand the wear of age and the ever-shifting nature of trends. Brownstone is contemporary and classic at the same time. These are tiles that make installations timeless.

Because of its handmade ceramic nature, you can expect a unique variation in shape and shade to occur with the tiles in this collection. The subtle nuances only enhance the tiles’ aesthetic allure. It adds to the look without being splashy or loud. The Gloss White, Matte White, Matte Warm Grey, and Matte Cool Grey  colors give a modern rustic feel that’s perfect for lofts and lake homes, or commercial projects like restaurant kitchens. But with its classic appeal, you can put Brownstone on any floor, wall, or counter to great effect.


Matte Warm Grey – Diamond

The tiles come in 2″ x 8″ with Smooth, Brick and Raked finishes, as well as a Diamond shape that comes in three patterns. This toolkit of shapes and finishes offers another layer of creativity for project design, assuring this collection will never get old.

Quality Of Life Service

When you deal with Pratt & Larson, you aren’t just getting top of the line products. You’re getting high-end customer service. That’s the kind of service we at Rubble Tile appreciate, and the kind that we strive to provide to our customers as well.  To this day, P&L have kept their word on delivering quality to their customers. The turnaround time of Brownstone is exceptionally short for this level of handmade artisan craftsmanship.

On top of savings in time, you’re also saving with pricing that won’t break your bank. Both competitively priced and shipped quickly, Brownstone makes planning a project with gorgeous handmade tile easier than ever.

Pratt & Larson currently has the Brownstone Collection in stock. Although it’s always going to be in style, you shouldn’t feel the need to wait on tile this great. Contact our showroom today, and you can finally make a project worthy of your vision!


*All photos courtesy of Pratt & Larson

Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.