Pratt & Larson’s New, Linear-Pattern Tile Collection at Rubble Tile


Pratt & Larson’s New, Linear-Pattern Tile Collection at Rubble Tile

It’s the new year now, and our resolution in 2019 is to continue bringing you the best of everything when it comes to tile. That means showing you the latest and greatest designs and collections, but it doesn’t mean we have to do away with the tried-and-true. Some classics and traditions prevail regardless of the times. Pratt & Larson understand that better than most, and it shows with their new addition to the Bas Relief Collection: The InLine Series.

Pratt & Larson’s Unstoppable Tile Excellence

We’ve raved about Pratt & Larson in the past, and for good reason. What started as a simple family-owned operation in 1982 has since expanded to a company with different teams for every step of the tiling process, all the way from creation to shipping.

P&L adheres to the simple philosophy of offering superb service and staying responsible to its employees, all while making gorgeous products.

The end result is a grouping of tile collections that are always in demand, so much so that P&L only trusts select dealers, like Rubble Tile, to sell their craft.

InLine’s Spin On An Old Favorite

In 2017, Belle Iskowitz & Anthony Asch took over as the owners of Pratt & Larson. Despite being the new owners, they aren’t new to the game.

Both Belle and Anthony are accomplished tile gurus who have worked at P&L for years, more than earning their new titles. Although they’ve taken on the mantle, they haven’t done away with the company’s fantastic fundamentals. Instead, they’ve done their best to enhance them.

The same can be said for the InLine series, designed by Belle and Anthony themselves. InLine takes a classic shape and soups it up with contemporary, linear patterning.

You can use InLine for geometric and linear designs that are classic, traditional, trendy, or uber-modern. Since InLine occupies all the space between simple and complex, the options you have for patterns are endless.

InLine’s patterns are available in any of their monochrome glazes. Each tile and glaze is handmade. The way the glaze pools on the clay body creates a natural variation in shade, so each tile becomes a unique individual piece of the finished whole. No matter if you’re looking for muted or vibrant glazes, InLine has a color and pattern you’ll love for the design you seek.

Pratt & Larson’s brochure offers layout suggestions that can help you visualize your future design, and with the help of Rubble’s showroom staff, you can get professional advice on your next project in person. Call or contact Rubble’s showroom for samples and pricing today!


*All photos courtesy of Pratt & Larson

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