Rubble Tile’s Mosa Featured at the CMX Theater in the Mall Of America


Rubble Tile’s Mosa Featured at the CMX Theater in the Mall Of America

Many shopping malls around the country are struggling, because they’re not much more than convenient centers for commerce. We all know the internet & have changed the landscape. The Mall Of America in Bloomington, MN is quite the exception, transcending mall norms to become both a sprawling shopper’s paradise and a tourist attraction. Boasting an amusement park, an aquarium, and a Twin Cities location that includes hotel and train access, MOA sets a high bar for every other mall to compare to.

A destination with such a renowned reputation should look the part. Thanks to a great design by Gensler, installation by CD Tile & Stone, and a selection of choice tiles from Rubble’s Mosa, the CMX Theater inside MOA looks better than ever. Now, the movies inside aren’t the only tantalizing visual treat.

On The Set Of The CMX Theater

The growing chain of CMX Cinemas across the country offers a more sophisticated and varied-movie going experience than in the past. CMX lets you choose how you view your films, such as through CMX CinéBistro (the luxury dine-in service), CMX Market Cinema (for grab and go gourmet), the CMX Stone Sports Bar (available in select locations), and the upgraded version of a standard theater known as CMX Cinemas. CMX has all bases covered when it comes to big screen entertainment.

Gensler’s design now offers a sophistication and aesthetic that gathers an audience outside the theater before they even get to their seats. The featured tile is all commercial grade porcelain, made strong and durable by firing it up at intense temperatures in the kiln.

Heavy maintenance is a thing of the past with this porcelain, as it sports water, fire, freeze, and thaw resistance. With a competitive price point alongside high quality Dutch tile design, this porcelain is well-suited for any commercial or public project. The high pedestrian traffic inside the Mall Of America is a non-issue for this installation, all thanks to the ingenuity of Mosa.

Selections from Mosa’s Terra Series

For this installation, Gensler and CD Tile & Stone sought out a tile that was both tough and classy. Mosa’s tiles are known to come in an abundance of hues, shapes, and sizes, making it just what Gensler  needed for CMX. The Terra Series, reputed for its flamed design and powdery finish, is great for use in public and commercial applications. Every tile in each of Terra’s sub-series is unique, allowing for fantastic flexibility when it comes to planning out projects.

The installation at this CMX Theater uses 24″ x 24″ Black Absolute tiles from the Terra Maestricht sub-series on the floors, and 24″ x 48″ Light Grey-Beige tiles from the Terra Beige & Brown sub-series on the walls by the elevator and the pillars. The final result is easy on the eyes, and creates a striking visual that isn’t distracting or too in-your-face. All the parts of the whole create a complementary viewing experience to the many attractions at the theater.


Mosa’s Terra series sports a level of variety that’s useful for any kind of project. You can see it for yourself at the Mall Of America, but you don’t need a night at the movies to check out Mosa. Rubble Tile’s showroom consultants can help you get started on your next Mosa-based installation, so don’t be afraid to skip the previews and move on to the the real show!



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