New Porcelain Floor Tiles with Trending Shapes Now at Rubble Tile

New Porcelain Floor Tiles with Trending Shapes Now at Rubble Tile

ADEX USA’s Spanish tile-making roots go back a long way. They know their craft, and they know how to provide stellar service. Much like the tile they design, ADEX is a manufacturer who is a pleasure to work with, and is built to last.

More than one hundred years of design and tile production, and ADEX is still going strong with no signs of stopping. They know to not fix what isn’t broken, while embracing design upgrades and product additions that enhance their tile offerings.

ADEX USA has taken their floor tiles to a whole new level in a way only they can. New shapes to choose from create a new opportunity to design gorgeous and durable installations you’ve always dreamed of.

A Fresh World Of Possibilities

By adding a few seemingly simple shapes, ADEX has vastly increased the versatility of their floor tiles. The square tiles come in 7.4″ x 7.4″, the hex (and hex deco) field tiles come in 8″ x 9″, and the picket field tiles are 1.5″ x 9″.

Large hexes can be difficult to find, and are trending right now alongside pickets. Both shapes go beyond being trendy, easily fulfilling an always-classic role in gorgeous patterns. Try combining these shapes to create a design all your own!


These classic shapes also come in an array of classic colors. The hex deco tiles come in Azure, Black, Bone, Dark Gray, and Light Gray. The squares and hexes come in the same colors with the addition of White. And the pickets are produced in the same colors as the squares and hexes, including the eye popping Wood glaze as well.



These ADEX USA floor tiles are composed of strong porcelain, giving them high durability with really low maintenance requirements.

They’re perfect for providing an art-deco feel for your home or business. They’re more than flexible enough to be a budget-friendly option that maintains a high-end, high quality look for your mudroom, laundry room or kid’s room.

ADEX USA’s recent additions are a refreshing update to their consistently well-made repertoire of tiles. Come visit the Rubble Showroom to get started on your next classic floor installation with ADEX USA!




Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.