Realstone On Display at the Remodeler’s Showcase

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Realstone On Display at the Remodeler’s Showcase

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The Parade of Homes is still going strong throughout March, displaying some of the most gorgeous and innovative design projects the region has to offer. Today, we’d like to highlight an innovative tile product in Home R29, a newly-constructed, modern home with a classic feel on the edge of Edina Pond.

Part of the Remodeler’s Showcase, R29 has chic style to spare. Expansive windows that give the home a great view with plenty of natural light, a three car garage, and a set of entertainment areas are just the tip of the iceberg. But what really gets us excited here at Rubble Tile is the stellar use of our Realstone Systems on the stunning see-through fireplace. That product? Shadowstone Silver Alabaster.


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The Upsides Of Using Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone will always have a beloved and permanent place in architecture and design. But stone veneer is an increasingly popular way to replicate that aesthetic in places where natural stone tile can’t be as useful.

For starters, stone veneer can be installed on virtually any surface. It is flexible, and has a much lighter weight than stone, making both installation and shipping far less of an ordeal.

Stone veneer can be cut with relative simplicity, and tends to be more consistently-colored. That coloring is just as strong as the material, so it won’t fade in rain or shine.

All of this adds up to a versatile product that can be installed virtually anywhere. In this trending portion of the tile & stone industry, Realstone Systems has beaten many others to the punch and created a gorgeous look of their own.



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Shadowstone Silver Alabaster’s Appeal

The panels of Realstone’s most contemporary collections are cut with straight edges, minimizing gapping between pieces that are installed adjacent to each other, providing a surface rich with texture that bolsters the depth and sophistication of any space where it is placed.

These thin slices of slate, quartzite, or sandstone are made from the scraps of stone leftover from other products, making them a smart, environmentally-friendly tile option.


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The 6″ x 24″ thin stone panels come in the split-face Ledgestone finish, the smooth Shadowstone, and an angled-cut profile. Silver Alabaster is a pleasing, warm beige, blue-grey, and off-white quartzite with a slight sparkle to it.

This stone veneer has few limits to the variety of surfaces to where it can be applied.  Shadowstone Silver Alabaster’s wide-ranging design possibilities and inviting looks make it perfect for nearly any installation. You can find it in the fireplace of Home #29 in the Parade of Homes between March 29-31, or you can find it in the Rubble Tile showroom today!


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