Milestone’s Essence At The Rubble Tile Showroom


Milestone’s Essence At The Rubble Tile Showroom

Photos Courtesy of Milestone

Scandinavian design is known for clean lines, minimalist style and high functionality. But did you know that slate is the backbone of Scandinavian design? Quarried from coastal regions, Norway’s fine-grained slate has been the foundation of grand cathedrals and modest homes alike.

But the slate that rolls across Norway’s rocky landscape isn’t just durable. For ambitious tilemakers like those at Milestone, it’s the inspiration of Scandinavian design waiting to be redefined. To that end, Milestone has taken the best parts of slate and turned them into artisanal porcelain tile, dubbing it with the most appropriate name for the concept: Essence.

Photos Courtesy of Milestone


Essence – Charcoal (Photo Courtesy of Milestone)

The Aura Of Essence

To understand Essence, we must first understand Milestone, and what drives their designs. Milestone is the brand of Florim USA, the American subsidiary of Florim Group, based in Italy.

Florim Group is a front runner in the global porcelain tile community. As they expand, they continue to add new designs to the mix while also being environmentally conscious with their manufacturing processes and materials.

Italian craftsmanship permeates each branch of the company, delivering products that keep clients happy and coming back worldwide.

Milestone describes the Essence collection’s use of slate as a loving tribute to the prime material in Scandinavian design.

Not only does slate possess a desirable natural beauty, it’s incredibly resistant to water and fire, making it a top-shelf material for any installation with intentions toward sustainability.

Essence’s slate-look tiles come in four colors: White, Light Grey, Grey, and Charcoal. Each tile has the texture of natural slate, giving the appearance that no two tiles are exactly alike.


On top of that, all the tiles have rectified edges, and that precision makes it possible to get a tighter, cleaner grout joint.

Essence – White (Photo Courtesy of Milestone)


Essence tiles have what is considered “color body”. Instead of being a through-body, the color of the clay in the body of the tile is close to the color of the tile’s surface.

Here at Rubble Tile, we’ve got all four colors stocked in 6″ x 24″ and 12″ x 24″ in the slightly textured matte finish. The 6″ x 24″ is also available in a “grip” finish as a 2-3 week special order.

Start your projects with the matte finish indoors, and take the same look outside with the slip resistant grip finish!

Slate’s appeal has lasted the test of time. Now with Essence, you can bring a modern stone look to any space, with the benefits and durability of porcelain tile.

Contact the Rubble Tile Showroom for more information as soon as you can to jump onto this incredible trend!


Photos Courtesy of Milestone





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