Rubble Tile’s New Easy-Install Shower Base Solutions

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Rubble Tile’s New Easy-Install Shower Base Solutions

At Rubble Tile we’re always looking for solutions for our clients, and that doesn’t stop with our ceramic, porcelain, glass and stone tiles. We also provide installation products that we stand behind because they get the job done and make your project easier.

And now we’re excited to introduce an innovative new shower base solution from Noble Company, the ProBase II Multi Slope.




The ProBase II Multi Slope Shower Base at Rubble Tile

This new multi slope shower base installs quickly and easily with modified thin-set mortar or NobleBond EXT to provide the code-required slope to drain.

The drain cutout on the base is designed to align with Noble Company’s Freestyle Thin-Bed Drain to provide an easy, smooth transition. The kit includes:

  • Sloped base
  • ValueSeal waterproofing sheet membrane
  • Solid Curbs
  • Thin-Line Inside Corners
  • Thin-Line Outside Corners
  • Thin-Line Mixing Valve Collar
  • Thin-Line Pipe Collar
  • and NobleSealant.

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The ProBase II offers multiple features to make your shower floor installation smooth and glitch-free. Benefits include:

  1. 4-way slope to drain – superior functionality every time.
  2. Superior impact resistance – the lightweight design is great for virtually any floor joist spacing while creating a sturdy base.
  3. Sloped honeycomb and foam composite base – sloped honeycomb & foam composite helps create a superior impact resistant shower base. Advance honeycomb design helps prevent unwanted dimples or boot marks while installing.
  4. Noble waterproofing sheet membrane bonds directly to base
  5. Center or offset drain configuration –  the 32” x 60” Center or Offset drain configuration makes replacing a standard tub easy and efficient.
  6. Ideal integration with FreeStyle Thin-Bed Drain™ – a great solution (drains sold separately).
  7. Base is easily cut to accommodate various shower configurations – a convenient, time saving feature.
  8. Install with NobleBond EXT or modified thin-set mortar

The ProBase II comes in three standard sizes, 32″ x 60″, 48″ x 48″, and 72″ x 72″. And the versatile 32″ x 60″ size comes with either a center or end drain kit.


Learn more – the ProBase II Multi-Slope Video:


The Proven Performance of Noble Company

Founded in 1946, Noble Company manufactures premium-quality, innovative products for the Tile, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, and Fire Sprinkler industries.

Noble Company is America-based, manufacturing products in Michigan and Louisiana. Their products are designed and manufactured to exceed industry standards and are engineered for reliability. They have products in some of the highest profile projects in the world such as the: Burj Khalifa (Dubai), City Center (Las Vegas), and Laguna Honda Hospital (California).

Contact Rubble Tile to learn more about our newest shower base solution, and how it makes your projects easier and more efficient.

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